How to "soften" the look of your curls

I have super curly hair, very tight spirals... I'd like to soften it up some, I really like the look of girls like Taylor Swift (damn her) who have the nice spiral look but softer.

I would really love to know how she (or anyone with hair like this) gets their hair straighter up near the roots and then softer curls throughout.

Any suggestions?
Hmm. This might not help since I'm a wavie, but maybe you can try using a detangling leave-in, air-dry and rake your hair with your fingers a bit? Or would that mean poof? HTH!

About Taylor Swift, that's a shame that she heat styles so much. I read before that she only uses a curling iron for "touchups", but I guess that could be a subjective term. I love her hair anyway.
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Bah - really? I thought I saw light at the end of the tunnel.... So what is she doing when you say ironed - flat ironing and then recurling it?

Thanks for the tip Mint, I've tried similar things and get the "poof" you referred to. I'm on all DevaCurl products now, and that's helped some.

I have 3B hair, and my biggest complaints are that I don't feel like it has a shape (needs a better cut) and it doesn' t have that soft touchable look you see in hair like Taylor's. I feel like it just hangs there, mocking me... I just joined the site, but I'll try to get some pics up and any advice is def appreciated!
Many celebs (Nicole Kidman, Minnie Driver) sport that look at times. I have done it and its stunning but time consuming. You have to either blow dry straight or dry then flat iron; this gives you a smooth, frizz-free foundation. Then they curl the entire head, using irons with various barrel widths for a more natural look. If you experiment enough with the rolling techniques you can get a very natural gee-i-wish-i-had-her-hair look. FYI, some people clearly sport pix of this look in their fotki (sp?) pics, whiles others are merely gentically blessed.
If you use the right products you can get 2-3 days out of this laborious procedure, tho the curls might need touching up if you like them boing-y. Warning: this look doesn't hold up well in humidity.
you could try plopping overnight. that always gave me a softer look.
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I am captured by your flowing curls."
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Oh and I doubt highly that in reality her hair feels soft. I've worked on lots of photo shoots and believe me what the camera "sees" and reality are far different. I bet if you could feel her hair it would feel dried out and hard.
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