hating my hair since CG

My hair has gone wild since starting (modified) CG!!! Now I remember why I didn't like it the first time I did it years ago. It's like every single day it does something unpredictable (more so than usual that is) and in the past with sulfates and cones I could at least control it. The newest thing is super SUPER tight frizzier curls on either side of my face and they are irritating the heck out of me! No matter what I do they poof up and quadruple in size compared to the rest of my hair and they get really really short and tight curls. It looks really wierd compared to the rest of my hair that has longer more pulled out curls/waves. Any suggestions? I've tried clipping, geling, tucking behind my ears while drying...nothing works
My curls all vary. I have tight perfect corkscrew curls underneath, tiny kinks around my ears, bigger ringlets on the sides and wavy hair at the back. I am learning to love the different 'moods' of my hair, although i admit I do get annoyed when they wavy strands at the back hide my ringlets!

How long have you been cg, because it could just be your curls are adjusting, and as they are getting healthier they are getting tighter and curlier.

Also if you are modified cg, are you shampooing? Because this could be drying your hair out, it could be if your hair is changing it might begin to need more moisture. I have heard that hair can get a bit funny if it has 'over-dosed' on protein too. Perhaps if you posted some pics up, more experienced curlies can help.

Hope this helps!
I suppose it could be that it's just adjusting, it's just so frustrating!

I do shampoo every few days, but only with a sulfate free poo. I have been using the CoN regular poo...does that still dry out hair too bad? It doesn't feel dry to me, so I assumed it was ok.

I also think I need a cut but I am really trying to wait it out because I may have found a Deva trained stylist sort of nearby (well a 1.5 hr drive) and I would like to have my hair as long as possible before going to her.
It does take up to 4 weeks or so before your hair starts calming down and adjusting to everything. So I suggest sticking it out if you haven't been trying it for that long. Really give it a shot this time so that if it definitely doesn't work, then you'll know for sure.
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Originally Posted by jillipoo
If you have tried it for like six weeks or more and it still isn't working, then I will concur that CG isn't working for you. I got it to work for me, but I'm not CG...I just love to change and stir things up a little. LOL
But everybody's hair is different and maybe yours needs cones to give it a smoother feeling and to help prevent split ends. There's no shame in that.
I am finding that amodimethicone is working well for my hair. I'm still not sure about the other cones, except cyclopentasiloxane..I know my hair hates that one.
I think you can still benefit from other advice here and not be CG. I know I am.
I say first give CG a try for at least six weeks straight, without straying. Make sure your hair has been clarified first, in order to get a fresh clean slate. If you've tried and you still don't like, then introduce the less harsh non-water soluble cones like amodimethicone and use mild sulfates (like SLES, but not SLS) and see if that works.
That's my two cents.
That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

I am a sulfate washing, cone slabbing, curly lovin' s.o.b. The CG police haven't caught me yet.

Yes I suppose you are right. I will try it a few more weeks, I bet it's been almost 4 already. I have been using non-cone styling products since this past winter (CK) but I did use sulfates/con shampoos everyday up until about 4 weeks ago. Since quitting the regular shampoo and going to either co-washes or CoN poo it's just getting so no styling products do a lot for me. Maybe the cones in the old poos were just enough for my hair??

I have Knot Today and Curling Custard on order so I will give those a try to see if that helps! If not I may just have to give up

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