I've been trying to find the best method for getting rid of my split ends without getting an actual HAIRCUT. Well the other day I noticed something...

I did my hair product dance... then diffused upside-down and went to do my makeup as usual. My family always laughs at this stage because the hair on top of my head curls STRAIGHT UP... (I really gotta get a picture of it, it's humiliating - but hilarious...) and as I have the mirror in my face trying to do something with this new zit, I notice these little -still crispy and clumped together- curls have ends that are of varying lengths IN that curl clump. I can actually SEE some of the split ends and hairs that were cut at a different length that are all part of this little curl clump.

So... I got my scissors and BARELY snipped the ends of a few of these so that each curl that was clumped in it's nice little group was cut at the same length.

Does this make sense at ALL? It's hard to explain. Anyway... I only cut of TINY bits, just 'snip' at the spot where the shortest hair in that clump was.

I only did about 5, I know, I'm a chicken. I figure if I look at them a couple of times a week maybe I can eventually get the split ends and damage gone a little at a time while not doing anything really bad to my non-style I've got rocking right now!!

Well once I scrunched, I really did notice that my bangs looked a little less frazzled. Maybe it's just another case of me wishful thinking...
3a/b thin/fine
fotki PW: curls
updated 5/1/2010 "starting over"

don't even HAVE a "routine" at the moment...
HG: still GVP Conditioning Balm and Biotera Gel/CC
Experimentals: HE TMS Spray Gel, LOOB

Riot Crrl: "Revenge is a dish best served with a side of awesome hair."

My curls do that too, I can see the different lengths in each curl. I tried to snip a few of the ends once to make them all the same length too but the next day my hair made different curls in different clumps and I had the same problem. I just don't think it works when every day my hair clumps differently.

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