Hate to say it but...

Wow, I'm kind of surprised to see someone with coarse hair who can handle all of that protein. I'm glad that it works for you though.
Originally Posted by redcelticcurls
My hair is quite coarse and seems to like protein just fine. Is protein sensitivity usually connected to the texture of your hair? If so, I didn't know that!

This makes me even more tempted to try CK now!
Originally Posted by SoaringSiren
The CK is protein free, thank all the Hair Gods, I was curious about the CHS leave-in that was also used.

There are exceptions, but StruttsWife posted a thread about how, in general, fine hair needs more protein than coarse hair. I think that coarse hair naturally contains more protein, and that is part of what makes the strand so thick.
Originally Posted by redcelticcurls
Honestly I really don't know about the protein in the leave-in - I've always used it and seems to work fine for me. I just tried Shea B-leavin and it is way, way to thick for my hair - which is very, very thick and coarse - so haven't really tried another leave-in.....do you honestly think this would make a big difference in my hair...............that being said I do use a ton of CK?
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Hey, whatever works for ya, works for ya!

I'm just interested in seeing a coarse haired curly who can tolerate protein, especially wheat. I'm just jellis.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
Does anyone know how CK works under Deva's ArcAngell?
(Or any other gels for that matter?)
Originally Posted by curly01
I use it under gel every day and it works great. It was a rainy day today and no frizz. I don't use much under my gel, maybe a pea sized amount and grab my hair like i'm putting it into a pony tail and rake it through as much of my hair as I can.
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Why, oh why, can't I use CK? For those of you it works for, it seems to be the holy grail product. You all are so lucky! I don't have good luck with this stuff. And it's rarely humid where I live, so I can't even test out that particular circumstance.

Very sad.
Originally Posted by jillipoo
So sorry it doesn't work for you. It works great for me. And our weather is the same, but I guess our hair is different enough.

I use a leave-in then the CK. Usually just that, sometimes a gel over that if I want a strong hold. Love the stuff!

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I'm certainly glad to hear of your results!!! I ordered the starter kit yesterday afternoon and am already anxiously awaiting its delivery. Hopefully I'll be back on this thread raving about having great hair too!

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