where to buy samples/travel size products?

I am mainly looking for small sizes of styling products. I haven't found any made for CG, but I'm probably not looking in the right place. I am just starting, and need to find the product that works for me without spending tons of money...I am a SAHM, and it is tough enough to live on one income without me spending gobs of money on products that may or may not work, KWIM?

I'm not sure what products you use,but several companies will sell trial size packages of their products. Jessicurl will, as will CHS. Actually that's how some of us find out whether we like a product or not without spending tons of money on them.
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I've found LaBella gel travel sizes at WalMart... they have a lot of sample stuff, not sure what else is CG.

I know someone else mentioned finding Walgreens' knock-off of the Biolage Conditioning Balm in a travel size with the other travel-size products, not with the actual hair products. (That's a CG conditioner that many of us use one form or another of as a staple in our routine!)
Sally's also has a form of it in "Generic Value" brand and it's quite inexpensive.

There are also several CG conditioners that are inexpensive for the regular sized bottles. Several of the Suave's and VO5's can be purchased in full sized bottles for under $2. If they don't work out in your hair, they make GREAT shaving lotion!! (that's what my VO5 Strawberry is being used as now!)

Good luck... and if you find a good sample size product stash somewhere, keep us posted!!
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