Does your length seem better behaved than your roots?

My length has responded really well to CG and everything. It's much stronger than it was, pretty well moisturized, and relatively frizz free.

The hair around my scalp is totally another matter. I have so many hairs (greys especially) that are curlier than the other hairs. And are also two to four inches long. They really enjoy sticking straight up.

Judging from pictures of curly celebs, etc. that I see, I don't think this is too weird. But since everyone here generally has prettier hair than them anyway, I thought I would ask you

I don't even think it's breakage or anything, I think that it's new growth. There will always be some new growth I know, but it seems like a lot of it is around the same length, like... 4-8 months ago. 4 months ago is when I started CG, and stopped ammonia and peroxide color, so I'm a little suspicious if that is why.

Can anyone who has been CG longer than me, or stopped ammonia/peroxide color longer ago than me, report on this phenomenon?
This is totally my hair. I keep attributing it to my failure to get enough product near the roots, but I'm not entirely sure that's the problem.

And doesn't it seem like the *opposite* should be happening? I mean, the new growth should be the healthiest of all, right? For me, it is the frizziest. I do not understand.
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Ditto. Funked out hairs that stick straight up. I've noticed it seems to be the more coarse hairs that stick up. I think coarse hair doesn't survive all the damage we did before as well as finer hair, so now they're growing out and having a hey-day making out lives miserable. Anybody else notice this or is it just me?

Yep I often find my coarser hairs sticking up while the finer ones are where they are supposed to be. But the coarse hairs do seem to break off a lot easier. So maybe its a neverending circle of short growth - stick out - break off.
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