The Best Thing about this site?

I know that all of us use this site for info and product reviews, but to me the best thing is having someone to talk to about my curls. My friends all have straight hair. They just look at me with my curls and assume that I just wash and go ( My big wish!). I love having someone to know that perhaps, just perhaps I might be a PJ; or that I might just be on to a good thing (CG). I still love watching my friends faces when I tell them I don't shampoo (kind of makes my day!)
between Botticelli & Corkscrew curly-very thick, coarse hair

When I get to be 'Queen of the World', I will absolish WIND!!!
I'm glad I found this site too. Well actually found it a few years ago and came here mainly for product and salon info and had no idea there was a talk thread area. Hah. Glad I finally took the time to poke around the site last week. Feels good to have people that I can identify with.
3b thick and coarse

VO5 champagne kiss, suave coconut, inecto coconut oil moisturizing condish
mop c
HE SMU, LA sports gel
cream of nature

cg/modified cg since april 2006
There are so many good things about this site, it's hard to narrow them down to just a few.

I learn so much from the people here. When I read about their trials and tribulations and discoveries, I gain insight into my own hair. Being here speeds up my rate of learning -- I would have learned only a fraction of what I know now had I gone this CG thing alone.

And there's just something comforting about communicating with a bunch of people who share the same obsession you do.

I have often been struck by how quickly the people on this site come to the aid of curlies having problems. I remember how touched I was when they did it to me when I couldn't figure out why my hair had gone limp (I was overconditioned but didn't know it). There's not only knowledge here -- there is warmth, support, and understanding.

It's no wonder we call ourselves "junkies." Who wouldn't get addicted to this environment?
3a and strictly CG since August 2007. Porous and on the fine side. No to magnesium sulfate and glycerin. Yes to protein! Favorites:
CO-WASHES: Suave Coconut
CONDITIONERS and LEAVE-INS: Mop Top Daily Conditioner, KBB Nectar, Aubrey GPB or Island Naturals, Robert Craig, Any Jessicurl
GELS: Fuzzy Duck, B5 Design, MGA Scultping, BRHG

Fotki password: chuckle
Twitter: nopoojillipoo
Best thing about this site, I discovered I actually have curls, not just a frizz-ball for hair.
Think I'm 3b-ish...maybe some 3a there wavy roots....I'm just a mixed bag! CG since August '05

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