Have been cg 4 weeks now and my hair and scalp seem to have responded well. However yesterday I noticed I have an itchy scalp and small buildup. What is the best way to get rid of this?

Has this happened to anyone else? I have been careful to use CG friendly stuff, but I have been experimenting lately with different things perhaps it was just too much. My hair also seems a little fluffier today (although that could be due to any number of things!)

Will a plain clarifying shampoo do the job? All I have is Boots and Australian Organics, are these ok? ACV rinses seems to really dry out my hair and irritate me the last time I did that.

I usually will do a Baking soda scrub and use the undissolved BS to scrub down my scalp.. feels great and really gets rid of the buildup!
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Micol124's suggestion is a good one. Except if your hair is color-treated. Then, yes, you can use a good clarifying shampoo. I don't know what's in either of those you mentioned, so I can't help you there.

Also... if you feel like it's your scalp that's the biggest problem, you might try the brown sugar scrub. (Mix a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar -- or my favorite, turbinado sugar -- into as much conditioner as you normally use to co-wash.) This has never failed me and protects my hair color!
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It is very important to massage/scrub your scalp if you don't use shampoo, because it is friction that will remove buildup. Try the brown sugar scrub first, hopefully that will take care of the itchies. Then be sure to routinely scrub your scalp whether you water wash or cowash and rinse well before using conditioner on the length to moisturize and detangle. (A scalp brush can help, too. They are usually found at Walgreen's for about a buck.)
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