Who'd you inherit from?

The thickness...definitely my mom's side.

Coarseness...definitely from my mom.

Filipinos just have very very thick and coarse hair all the time!

I think I do have some thinner hair on my head though, and that would be from my dad.

My curls though...that's a toughie. My dad's hair is wavy when it's long. I only know that because I found an old passport picture of him once. He looked like a homeless guy!

My mom's hair is straight. However, she is the only one out of all of her siblings with straight her. All of her brothers and sisters have very poofy frizzy hair, just like mine.

So even though my mom's hair is straight, I'm pretty sure my curls are from her side.
Originally Posted by SoaringSiren
OMG! You're filipino?!? I never would have guessed! I'm filipino too, although no one is ever be able to guess it either.

As for my hair, the waves and thickness definitely come from my mom's side. My dad's hair looked slightly wavy (2aish) in older photos, but I'm almost positive it came from my mom. My maternal grandmother has these cute little 3a curls and my aunt on my mom's side was battling her waves until she got it straightened. I know there is some Spanish blood on my mom's side (what Filipino doesn't have some?) so that may account for the family history of waves and curls.
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I got my curls from my dad's (Irish) side of the family. Both my grandparents had them, which means my aunts have some WILD curly hair. I inherited my mom's texture (smooth) but curl from my dad's side! I used to hate it, but now I'm grateful!
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I inherited my waves/curls from my both sides.
My mom and most of her sisters have thick, course, curly hair, my dad has fine, wavy hair.
I'm pretty much in the middle. And the only one of my siblings to have any curl at all.
Though on both sides of my family, I have cousins with curly hair.
I definitely got my curly hair from my two grandmothers. They both had super curly hair, but I got my thickness from my paternal grandmother. I was the only child (out of 4) to get the curly hair as well. My two older siblings have straight hair, and my younger has a SLIGHT wave to it.
My dad has very, very thick, course, wirey, curly hair. My mom has staight thin hair. I have thick wavy/curlyish hair. Not even close to as curly as my dad's so I guess I got a mix of the two.
I got mine from my moms side, there are a few of us with serious curls. LOL then there is my sister whose hair is staright as a pin, like my dads.... My son has beautiful 3b black curls he got them at about 14. And he loves them because he says they make him different. He's in my fotki..
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I think from one of my grandmothers, or maybe half my mother's and half my father's hair. But my father's hair is coarse and my mother's is wavier.
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I have no idea. no one in my family has hair as curly as mine (3a). my mother's is straight with a hint of a wave, my sister's is wavy, my father's is pretty straight.
My sister got her hair from our father. She has thick tight 3C(I think) curls.

My hair is just like my moms. Only mine is thicker, but that might be due to age.

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