The magical and mysterious "shortening" hair

I don't know if it is just my hair type (texture) or whether it is the curl, but my hair has always been prone to "shortening" as it dries. My long hair was outta control a few months ago, I would not dare do anything more to my hair than take a flatiron to it, and since I honestly don't trust hair stylists I had to just go to my local haircare salon right next to a black hair care shop which only sells weaves, shea butter and different kinds of relaxers and conditioners with a few combs and an empty rack with one little african hair care guide book.

I go in there with my washed and dried hair into a somewhat loose ponytail. I want my hair tangle-free but I also want it to dry quickly, and I know it was going to take the whole day to dry if I had even a hint of gel in it, so it was completely product free and wavy. Not it's usually 3B craziness.

I walk in there with a request to just wash it and cut it shoulder length. Nothing extreme. So this lady washes it, leaves some kind of light condish in it and starts to cut off all my tresses. It was wet, quite curly and it looked decent so I left a little tip along with the normal payment, thanked the woman and went to fill my empty stomach at my favourite salad bar.

I get home and my shoulder-length hair is now chin length. I was literally screaming my head off. Now, whenever I want to leave my hair out, it dries short and poofy.

Does anyone else experience this problem?? My hair shortens a few inches everytime I leave it to dry. Does anyone else who has this problem or has heard of it, have a way to fix this and keep my curl pattern??
Shrinkage is part of what we curlies all deal with. When my hair is wet, it is down at my last rib. When it is dry, it is hanging around between APL and BSL right now.

Some people use heavier creams/gels and stylers for curl elongation. I don't, but others will surely chime in here about it.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.

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