does anyone squeeze the water out of hair...

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I have long hair, too, and if I did not squeeze out the water in my hair I would flood the bathroom. After I rinse out my conditioner (at the end of my shower), I squeeze my hair out really well. Then I apply product, flip over and scrunch. I don't dry it with a towel, though I occasionally use a t-shirt after products if it's really wet.
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I also gently squeeze out the water, apply CK, then wrap gently and loosely in an aquis towel. Dry off my body, then take off towel and apply gel if needed.
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that's exactly what I do Curlilocks!!
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I squeeze out the excess water with my hands, put in gel and then plop. Soon after I get dressed, I take my hands and press all over the plop to get the t-shirt to absorb moisture.
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I squeeze out excess water in the shower, then put my hair up in a flour sack towel for a few minutes (long enough to wash my face). Then I apply products. My hair's still really wet, but not dripping.
I only squeeze the water out when the only product I plan on using is mousse. Leave-ins and curl creams do better when my hair is dripping wet(I put a towel around my neck and back so the run off is absorbed and I don't become an indoor fountin), and when I scrunch those in the water gets scrunched out so that its ready for my mousse, witch does beter when my hair's not sopping wet.

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