Anti-ploppers unite

It doesn't work for me either. Like RiotCrrl, I get really funny bent up looking curls. I have to admit I've only tried it twice but each time I ended up having to re-wet and re-style so I'm hesitant to try it again. Don't know if I want to go through that hassle again.
3b/c fine, thick, porous, protein sensitive
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Never got it to work for me. My hair is thin and fairly fine, 3b/a and whenever I've plopped my hair doesn't fall back into place, it just kind of sits at the top of my head like a birds nest with curls hanging off it. By the time I've manipulated it back into place it's just a mass of stringy frizz. Not good, not good at all.
it just kind of sits at the top of my head like a birds nest with curls hanging off it.
Originally Posted by Starmie
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I have second day hair from my plopping experiment yesterday.

Every time I plop I get weird hair at the crown which bugs me because I don't want to touch it but have to so it doesn't stick out all wrong. I've tried shaking it to break up the curl but it still sticks out. I always have to separate it a little so it lays right.
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Check out my fotki - I did try it and got great results - for about 3 hours. I'm thinking it takes my product which is CK and absourbs it into the towel. I have such thick coarse hair - my CK needs to stay on it all the time........never leaving........ever!!!
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I get nice curls and spirals from plopping, but my roots end up tangled, weird and smooshed. I tried it several times to the same result before giving up on it. Good hair days are more frequent now.
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Doesn't work for me. I get ugly poofiness and it actually pulls the curl OUT at the bottom. ... I dunno, maybe I didn't do it right. But it's just a waste of time for me, since I end up having to re-wet part of my hair.
shoulder-length 3a/b, depending on weather and products (or lack of products!)
Doesn't work for me. I get ugly poofiness and it actually pulls the curl OUT at the bottom. ... I dunno, maybe I didn't do it right. But it's just a waste of time for me, since I end up having to re-wet part of my hair.
Originally Posted by alacurl
I tried plopping with a t-shirt and i got the same results as you, maybe our hair is either not long enough or not quite curly enough to work??
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Loo-poo every 2 wks with Live clean
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Just got some jessicurl products last week and loving the results
AG re:coil, biolage gelee or BHRG
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Total PJ ,can you tell?
doesn't work for me either. it be because of my short length but curls actually get smooshed and i get tons of frizz. it's just a big mess.
3b thick and coarse

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I have good and bad results with plopping. When my hair was longer I could do it but for about 3 minutes....just long enough to put my top on (which was good because I didn't screw up my hair putting on my top and I was running out of vnecks and button up shirts!!) Then when I cut it short - plopping was EVIL!!! And I totally know what you mean about the odd curls - sometimes I would get these very unnatural looking things. I have fine/thin hair so I think it is easily manipulated - not always in a good way.
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Some days it works so well I can go product-free and have really pretty curls. (For this I have to leave the towel on a long time.) Other days, using the same routine, I look like an extra in a zombie movie.

But the same thing happens with my other favorite routines, so there you have it.
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I can't plop.. I've tried.

Anytime I didn't get crazy (MS Paint.. hilarious!) bent up curls, the back was angled UP because my hair is so short... or the front would lay backward.

I even tried it again this week... yeah, I still looked retarded.

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don't even HAVE a "routine" at the moment...
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My hair is fine and thin (3A) and whenver I've tried plopping I end up with flat, smashed looking curls.

I think plopping is supposed to encourage curl and protect them from being pulled out when you get dressed. Or just an excuse to make you look like an idiot and stop you from answering the door, leaving that important package undelievered.

I, however, am pro-plop.
I plopped for awhile, but one day I just decided to bend over and scrunch the water out with a t-shirt instead, and my hair was actually curlier, especially at the roots. I'm not an anti-plopper, but it doesn't give me the results I want, so I don't do it.
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I have more pictures up!
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