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Hello People. My brother (the one who was shocked that I didn't wash my hair with shampoo) has actually been asking me questions about the care of curls!!

I tried to give him some advice, and he actually took it! He's still doesn't want to go without shampoo, so he's been using some American Crew shampoo with a Nexus conditioner (that I attempted to pick out for him. I'm new at this, and I don't know how bad it was. The ingredients looked okay, as far as I can tell). He's also using a Fruticus (I honestly can't remember what that brand is called) curly gel that I tried to pick out (again, new at this!). I also explained the CG method, so he's doing that with shampoo.

My brother is allergic to smelly stuff (no, honestly. I can't wear anything but the mildest perfumes without it messing up his sinuses), so anything that is suggested must have a extremely light or nonexistent smell.

Oh, I tried to look for a water-soluble shampoo, but I couldn't find one.

1. How bad was my advice?
2. Suggested products that we can find at Target (or Wal-mart)?

Oh, he has hair a lot like Nick Jonas. A bit tighter, though. More like Kevein's when it's curly... if that helps.
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I have a curly red-haired brother. He's been strictly a Pert Plus guy most of his life, until he started growing out his 3B thick, coarse copper-colored curls about a year ago.

He's a one-product guy and was weird about going conditioner-only, so I decided the perfect product for him was Devacurl No-Poo. I had a mostly full bottle lying around when he came over, and I explained how it was really a conditioning cleanser and not a straight conditioner. He took it home and promised to try it.

His curls look incredible and I think he's been to Ulta at least a couple of times to pick up his own bottle - he loves it!

I'd recommend Devacurl No-Poo to any curly guy who won't use more than one product.

If your brother isn't afraid of going conditioner-only, I'd start him off with a cheap bottle of Suave coconut conditioner and see how he likes it.

Good luck! Brothers are finicky, but it's great that he's starting to ask questions!

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