Should I put myself in the Hall of Shame?

Kind of related to the "curly hair is unprofessional" thread of last week........

I had a job interview on Friday (yep, Friday the 13th & yet it still went pretty well ). I did not even consider wearing my hair naturally. I went back & forth between blowing it straight or wearing it up. I finally chose an up 'do, more for time reasons than anything else.

Should I be in the Hall of Shame? I really want the job. I didn't want my potential boss to think I was some wild child, or that I couldn't look polished & professional. It makes me sad that I still think that way. And it makes me sadder to know that others DO think that way & if I want the *$^&% job I need to play by their rules.
You know, as sad and unfair as it is, I feel that people do draw (extremely wrong) conclusions about curly hair sometimes and I don't think you want to take a chance when it comes to your job. So do to your hair whatever you think it takes to land the job, and once you have, be your very own curly self! By then your work will speak for itself, won't it?
Just my two cents.
With the exception of my bangs, I was never one to blow my hair out ... mainly because anytime I did it, it looked frizzy and fried.

To be honest, I think that self confidence is one of the most important things in a job interview. Obviously you don't show up in your pajamas! If you feel more confident with your hair up, or straight then I think that is the way to go.
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Nah. I'm pretty pragmatic about work stuff. Do what you gotta do. You can't change 100's of years of society in one job interview anyway.

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