chopchop :(

I got a haircut yesterday out of frustration - sick of dealing with the gross dead ends, sick of dealing with the length, sick of having flat lifeless curls.

So yeah, I ended up going to mastercuts 'cause I figured this was an easy cut (inverted bob, it's so in style now you'd have to be an idiot hairdresser not to know about it).

She cut it too short.

I look like a little boy.

And it didn't fix my lifeless curls.

I don't have money to buy/experiment with new styling products to try and fix that problem.

On the upside, the nasty ends are gone, I'll spend less time/money doing my hair, and almost all of the dyed hair from a few years ago is out!

Sorry, just had to vent.

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{{{hugs}}} I know how a bad haircut totally makes you miserable.

I went in for a trim once and ended up with hair that was two inches in length all over! I threw the biggest hissy fit. That wasn't even the worst of it though, the next day I went to CVS, had shorts and a baseball hat on, I held the door for the lady behind me and she said...

"thank you, sir"

I walked in and right back out again, crying my eyes out.

Kudos to you for seeing the positive in it! And hey, your hair is going to do nothing but grow!
Sorry to hear that. I'll bet it doesn't look bad though. You can join us in my Hair Growing thread. It's time to bump it up anyway.

Post new pics, lets see!

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Give it a couple days. Maybe your hair is in "fresh cut" shock and will respond in a day or two. You might even be happier with the cut in a day.
I would love to see pics.

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