View Poll Results: How do you dry your hair???
Air dry all the way. 27 54.00%
Air dry THEN diffuse. 8 16.00%
Diffuse THEN Air dry 12 24.00%
Diffuse all the way. 3 6.00%
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How do you dry your hair???

Just curious. I really really want to air dry to spare my hair from the unnecessary damage but it takes all day and it still ends up frizzy and flat to boot. I guess the moisture weighs it down then it just dries that way.
I air dry all the way most of the time. If it is slightly damp still and I need to go somewhere, I diffuse for about 60 seconds on the coolest setting to completely dry it.
I airdry all the way, but as soon as it gets cold enough that I can't stand it anymore, then I will add a 5 minute diffusing session to the mix. I will still plop for about 15-20mins and then airdry for about 10 and then diffuse for 5, then air-dry the rest. Got that?
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And you don't feel like it weighs down your hair?
I actually have a LOT less curl when I air dry. Very flat and just limp. I wonder if plopping helps with this??
Plopping will definitely help keep more volume at the roots. I like to use a soft tshirt.
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I plopp for a couple of minutes and air dry. It is getting cold up in the Last Frontier now though, so I diffuse a little after I plopp sometimes.

i plop, then diffuse a bit, then air dry the rest of the way.
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I air dry all the way because I just don't have the time and my hair seems to like it.
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Sometimes air dry all the way, sometimes diffuse, airdry, diffuse. Sometimes sit under my hooded dryer. Sometimes alternate that with air drying. Sometimes completely diffuse. I guess the first two are the most common for me. (I didn't vote because none of the options suited me!)

ETA: With airdrying I get a little less volume, very clumpy curls and a little canopy frizz. Diffusing and airdrying - lots of volume, clumpy curls and a little canopy frizz, but less than airdrying - hair feels slightly less moisturized. Hooded dryer - less volume, more separated curls, not much frizz, more stretchage. Hooded dryer and air drying - less volume, clumpy curls, a little frizz. All diffused - lots of shrinkage, maximum volume, very springy curls, very tiny curls, very little frizz, hair feels a bit dry.

I used to have your frizz problem when airdrying, but for me it was solved by finding the exact right amount of leave-in and the leave-in ingredients to avoid, and by gently squeezing out hair with a microfiber towel.

And if you don't already know this - touch your hair as little as possible while it's drying and after as that causes major frizz. I can't scrunch my hair at all because it will frizz.
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I didn't vote as I need another option: air dry, diffuse a while, finish air drying.

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I occasionally plop, then diffuse, then air dry the rest of the way but mostly I air dry all the way. This does include the car vents though if I washed in the AM and am on my way to work!
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I air dry. I don't have the time to diffuse.
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I plop, then diffuse until my hair is about 3/4 dry. Then I let it airdry.
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I air-dry all the way. I don't own a hair dryer.
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i diffuse on cool for like 15 mins to get my curls spinning then i'm out the door to air dry the rest of the day.
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