Give me frizz I tells ya!

Hi all,

This is my first post so be gentle. I've been reading all the posts with interest but I seem to be in a minority on the board because I like big hair.

My hair was relaxed over ten years ago & even though the hair has grown out out, it changed the chemical structure of my hair. My curls are very well defined so that is not my problem. The problem is that I just don't have enough of them & my hair is really thin.

Basically, I seem to want to do the opposite of most people on the board & make my hair bigger with more volume. I look at some of the pictures pre CG and I prefer them. I've never been a fan of sleek, controlled hair. I like my hair, big, wild & crazy.

I've started using shampoo on 3/4 of my hair & conditioning the ends & that seems to have made an improvement to my hair in only one week. I've stopped putting shea butter on the ends of my hair every night & that has improved my hair as well. I'll only do that once a week & play around with it. I might go back to conditioner only as the shea butter may have been the problem.

So my question is can anyone suggest any techniques or styling products that will give my hair more volume? I don't use a hairdryer on my hair so a diffuser is not an option. Waxes tend to work best on my hair. The bigger the better

I dunno, I think a lot of folks around here seem to like volume. Every once in a while someone asks how to get less volume and I'm always just like "Leave in more stuff" lol. But that is kind of rare. A lot of people want to condition their hair without weighing it down too much.

Other than not leaving in so much stuff, which it sounds like you are already doing, if I want to embiggen my hair then I do the old bend at waist, slide fingers in roots, rub/mess it up a little. I am not too familiar with wax, but if it has hold, maybe you could wax your fingers a little before doing this.
Thank you for your response but I do think there is a difference between wanting a bit of volume & having big hair. I do the whole tipping my head over & messing it up a little & it works a treat. If there are any suggestions on what products I could use that could super size my hair, that would be great
This is probably obvious but have you tried a volumizing mousse or a thickening cream?? Flipping your head upside down should help a little.
I used to use mousse but I find that it leaves my hair limp. I've got some here so I might give it a go. I live in Australia & we don't have much of a selection range. If I can get actual product recommendations, that would be great & I can order them online from the US. I love that picture in your signature Babyk005

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depending on if you are cg or not, I used to have great luck with the pink can of suave mousse or if you want to spend a little more I used that red can of mousse by that sexy hair or big sexy hair whatever brand-it gave volume!

Now I just want volume on the top but no where else!

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Crazy-picky hair; likes some oils and proteins, but not others, can tolerate some glycerin.

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Gel: Herbal Essences Set Me Up/Aussie Tizz No Frizz
I live in Australia too, and frequently make international product purchases. The best products I have used are largely made in the US/Canada. It is my little indulgence!

I have thick hair but don't like that crispy glued to the scalp feeling that I get with some gels.

I found jessicurl products left my hair soft and light. Also, I invested in a curlease towel and plop with that. It gives me great height at my crown.

Otherwise, as others have suggested, bending and scrunching in product helps too!

I just had a look at the pics you posted...most of them look like heavily layered cuts, with short layers on top. Maybe that would help also?

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I live in Australia too, and frequently make international product purchases. The best products I have used are largely made in the US/Canada. It is my little indulgence!

I have thick hair but don't like that crispy glued to the scalp feeling that I get with some gels.

I found jessicurl products left my hair soft and light. Also, I invested in a curlease towel and plop with that. It gives me great height at my crown.

Otherwise, as others have suggested, bending and scrunching in product helps too!

I just had a look at the pics you posted...most of them look like heavily layered cuts, with short layers on top. Maybe that would help also?
Originally Posted by aussiecurly
I love hearing from fellow Aussies I'm sure you feel my pain that you hear all these great products being promoted that are not available in Australia.

I've got this system where I put product in my hair, hop on the train or in the car & then try & scrunch out some of the product. I used this really great product called Wella's Strong Shaping Mud & then it had to go and get discontinued I've been testing all these products but they haven't been all that great & they are expensive!

I don't have Jessiecurl products but I did try that method of putting in products where the hair is soaking wet & all it did was make my hair flat. The curl was defined but it lost it's volume but then again, I wasn't using her particularly product.

I've got layers in my hair but some idiot hairdresser took it upon himself to even out one of my layers when I last got my hair cut. I hate hairdressers. I've still got a few layers in my hair & I like layered hair. Definitely no blunt cuts for me. I think layers are definitely key. I don't want all my hair at one length.

Where do you get the Jessiecurl products & the curlease towel? There seems to be a few of us on this site. Maybe we can even put in a bulk order, try for a bulk discount & split the international postage.
Hi there!

I also like big curly hair. Kind of wild looking! Anyways, honestly, for me so far one of the only ways i've gotten my hair to be bigger was by using a diffuser while drying my hair upside down. (I know you said you don't use a dryer....) I used to use gel in the morning after washing, but it left my hair looking wet all day and sort of flat (not straight, just- flat...) Also, when I use a product to curl, I tip my head over, shake it out just a little, and I don't run the product all through my hair, I just scrunch it through all over my head.
I actually don't mind big hair for myself, so long as it's not frizzed out. lol, my problem is that usually when my frizz is under control, the volume goes down a bit.

The one product I'd reccomend is any kind of root lifter. I have one made by Matrix (I'm not sure if it's available here, I'm sorry ) and it works GREAT. You could probably use it seveal inches up from your scalp to get even more height and volume if you wanted.

Or if you don't mind some frizz and poof, you can always comb out some of the curl. lol, I did it as an experiment and fully anticipated that my hair would look a mess but I actually kind of liked how it came out! there are pics in the Fotki in my signature if you're interested. (I think they're in my 'random' album)
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I think being CG is not about getting rid of volume (though some may want that occasionally). For me it was about getting actual curls. Pre-CG was frizzy, poufy, barely wavy hair. There is a difference between frizz and volume.

That said, I do think the best way to get volume is to diffuse upside down. Air drying leaves me with flat, less curly hair. After it's dry (after diffusing carefully to avoid frizz while still getting volume), I bend upside down and shake my roots a little. That always gives volume on top. I think Jonathan Torch does it towards the end of the CK video on his website, if you need a visual.
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OH OH OH OH~!!! the girl in that first pic has my hair...but mine is 10 times bigger!! i LOOOOOOVE my big hair!!! i really dont have to do anything to get it that big. but SOMETIMES when it is a lil smaller than id like... i blown diffuser, upside down.. blow the heck out of it! FOR ALL MY CG PEEPS...i dont do that but maybe 1 time in 3 months. blow dry when its MAYBE 65% dry? i use ouidad climate control gel. but ive found another (better priced..just as good) product called naturelle hypo-allergenic styling gel at sallys. maybe $5.50? ill try to get a pic up in a few days.. i need to put some up anyways..dangit.. if i could figure out hope this helps!! and welcome!!!! jen

Biotera Styling gel (firm hold)
Biotera Curl creme
Sauve Naturals coconut conditioner as Co-wash and leave in.

After all this I get about 3 or 4 days of good "wearable" hair.


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I'm resurrecting this post. I am having THE BEST big hair day today ala Shakira!!
I love volume too! Mousse can be much lighter than gel (though using too much destroys my volume). Look for light conditioners and strong shampoos if you want to dry out your hair to puff it up. I don't recommend oils or (heavy) silicones.

Herbal Essences has a handy conditioning chart on the FAQs of their website if you're interested in trying their products.
2a/M-C/ii hair. Super long.
I don't like the wet, limp look either, so I guess by default I like volume! I don't put a lot of product in my hair and that seems to help me. I usually just use a leave-in conditioner and scrunch it when it's dry. For more volume (and possible frizz, since your OP says you want frizz too), you could scrunch several times while it's still drying. I air dry too. I just love the feel of my soft, fluffy, curly, lightly frizzy hair. It's light and airy.
If I use a styler, besides a leave-in, it's usually a curl cream...but I go light with it...I make sure not to put too much in.
No gel for hair hates it...and it will definitely defeat the purpose of what you're going for.
That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

I am a sulfate washing, cone slabbing, curly lovin' s.o.b. The CG police haven't caught me yet.

I agree with Curlyjenn about diffusing; First, after I've put in my products I diffuse the roots around my part to give some lift on top. Then when it's practically air-dryed, I diffuse some more and when I'm done, voila! Big curly hair!

However, one thought: after hair is air-dryed, scrunching upside down with a bit of conditioner emulsified on your hands, might help...Good luck!
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I love volume as well. I would rather have some frizz than well defined flat curls. I hate when my hair looks like it is stuck to my head.

I really like Komaza Curl Pudding and the new Curl Junkie products (Aloe Fix & Smoothing Gellie). I get lots of curls, but still get the volume. I also get volume from Curls by Sisters Smith Wet Set Pudding, but I don't think they ship internationally.

Ohm Sweet Hair Pudding is a good product as well, but I don't get the same amount of volume that I get from CJ and Komaza.

In addition to diffusing, I use 2" bobby pins on the sides of my hair. It was a trick my hairdresser showed me. When I start diffusing, I clip my hair. As the curls start to set, I remove the clips and continue diffusing. When my hair is damp, I put the long (2") bobbypins on the side of my head. My hair stylist showed me how to do it. She takes the tip of the bobby pin and does a stirring motion with the pin until you feel it grab the hair. She then pushes it in . It lifts the hair. I do one behind my ear and one in front of it. I put them in on an angle, so that the top of the bobby pin doesn't show. It makes a big difference if you do that stirring motion - I don't get the same volume without it. I often leave the clips in for quite awhile ... either until it is completely dry or until I remember them or they start to bug me ... that's normally when I remember them.

By using the pins, I still get the defined curls I like, but I also get the volume.
Type: 3a fine & dense,with normal porosity, terrible product junkie
ROUTINE: LI, enhancer, gel, plop with Curlease towel, serum product (either CIAB or Gel-les'c), clip & diffuse.
Too many favourite products to list ... I finally have my routine that works and alot of products to choose from. My product stash is huge, but well loved !!!
Another big, wild hair lover here! Hate the tamed to within an inch of its life look. I've also seen lots of pre cg hair that I thought looked much better, even before and after shots in hair product ads! Sometimes it looks so sad and limp (and kinda greasy), like all the life has been sucked out of it after going cg. I know that it doesn't have to be like that, which is why, for me, I've found being a modified CG works much better.
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Playing with:
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KCCC, CBSS WSHP, DM Lock + Twist, DM Coco Curly
Mousse instead of gel, for sure. There is one in a red can from CVS...Big Sexy Hair IIRC? That gives extra volume.

And CoN shampoo, red label, always gives me bigger hair.
2C in most weather, but in summertime I impersonate a 3 very very well!
I agree with you, really. Too much frizz is annoying, but some surface frizz looks natural and doesn't bother me at all. I certainly prefer it to the rock hard, kind of flat, overproducty look. I fluff mine at the roots a bit as it's drying; it adds a bit of frizz, but it helps prevent flatness at the very top. Mine is kind of big naturally so it doesn't really need that much help.

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Olive oil DTs, honey rinses in the summer

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