Starting Over. The cone queen wants nice hair!

Hey everyone! Im retiring from cones. Its just very hard because my hair goes crazy with them. What should I do to get my hair clean of cones and ready for CG routine again?

This time around I want to make it perfect. And im also going in for layers. Like taylor swift. Does anyone have any opinions on that? SHould I get them or not. I think I have a pic of her. Let me see.
In order to clarify you just have to get a sulfate shampoo that doesn't have silicones in it. Like Suave Clarifying or something like that.

As far as the layers question, nobody can answer that but you. We can't see a picture of your hair but, typically, curly hair does great with layers. The type, length, etc. of the layers differes with everyone.
Yeah, any WalMart or grocery store. It's usually under or right around $1. Not much of an investment.

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