How do you save your curls after swiming?

Hi, I am wondering how you would make your hair look as if you just took a shower after swiming? I have no idea because i don't want to drag out the curling iron or make a big scene about doing my hair...any advice would be helpfull.
-Thank You
I just rinse my hair in the sink, put some leave-in condish, and then gel. Pretty much what I do after my shower. Oh, and you should also leave some condish in your hair while you swim as well. Hope that helps =)

3b Shoulder-length dark brown curls.
: Suave Naturals conditioners, LA Looks Curl/Sport Gel, still looking for a good deep conditioner that i can buy locally (CVS/Walmart/Target,etc). Suggestions? =)

I like to mix Suave coconut cond. with my gel and scrunch them both in, after using Suave Aloe and Waterlily to co-wash and condition. I detangle it in the shower with a wide-toothed comb. & when hair is dry, if crunchy, scrunch once again.

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