Drugstore DTs?

So I've committed a curly sin...
I've never done a DT. And I probably need to, the sun is drying my hair out and the richest conditioner I have is Too Shea. Are there any DTs that I can buy at a drugstore?
You can totally use normal conditioner and possibly add stuff to it. I usually just apply a normal rinse out conditioner in the shower to wet hair, comb through with my shower comb, not rinse it out, then throw a bunch of oil of choice over that and comb through again.

I have also done the same thing with combing the drinkable aloe juice into wet hair, then oiling over that. (Drugstore should have the drinkable aloe.)
I DT with coconut/olive/canola oil. I just apply and let it sit overnight. I DT often because my hair is super-thirsty.

You can also just slap on a ton of Too Shea/other conditioner onto dry hair, let it sit overnight, rinse it out in the morning.
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I am a fan of oiling my hair. I also like using products from Hollywood Beauty, like their Carrot Creme and their Olive Oil Creme. They also make Carrot Oil and Olive Oil and Castor Oils.

One thing I'm going to try soon is adding honey and my favorite oil to my regular conditioner and applying as a DT to damp hair. There's a demonstration in the Raven-Symone website, lol; yeah, sometimes I get hair-inspiration from Disney stars.
The thing about oil is, I break out very easily, so I try to stay away from things that will do that. Since starting CG, my acne has been a beast, so I'm thinking oil is out of the question until I figure out what to do with my skin.
I hear you. I have been getting an acne flare-up lately because of stress and weather. What I do is use a face mask while I oil my hair sometimes.
If the breakout problem is not on your scalp itself, and if it is not too hot to do so, then perhaps covering it with plastic so it does not touch anywhere else on your skin.
If the breakout problem is not on your scalp itself, and if it is not too hot to do so, then perhaps covering it with plastic so it does not touch anywhere else on your skin.
Originally Posted by Riot Crrl
Haha, I'm so bad with plastic wrap. I'll have to get someone to help me.
And then explain why I need my head wrapped in plastic.
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Have you tried adding honey to your conditioner? I like the way it works.

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Hmm, we have some honey downstairs.
I may go steal it, no one uses it besides me. And I use it to sweeten my hot tea.
I'm a huge fan of olive oil DTs. I had such good results my first time. Get someone to help you with the plastic wrap and put a shower cap on over that. I left it in for two hours then did a huge cowash. I loved the results the next day. Good luck to you!
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You could get a cheapo stretch headband you don't mind greasing and use it riiiight at the hairline.

Or wrap your head in plastic. But I imagine my brother might die of laughter if I did that, so not good if you have siblings.
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Biolage knockoffs are a good bet. And Lazy Loops was just telling me that Aloe Vera is supposed to be good for acne. Maybe if you bought some of the drinkable type for a DT, then put oil over the top, then saran wrapped it, you could use the excess (yeah, there'll be tons of excess) as a toner before moisturizer. Aloe is an amazing thing, I've learned. And to make it even better...sometimes when I'm spraying it in my hair, I'll catch a faint sniff like the scent of rain. I love the scent of rain.

I second the honey. It's a standard ingredient to all of my DTs.

Aussie 3 minute miracle also works pretty good, and it's really cheap although I haven't used/bought it in a quite a while. I remember seeing it at Rite Aid a few weeks ago, so it's still around.
I used to use Aussie 3 minute miracle years ago and thought it was a great product...may try it again. Also, how about V05 hot oil? When I was a kid my Mom used this all the time and thought it was amazing.
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