Terrible breakouts! :(

One day, I'll find a conditioner that my hair AND scalp like. I swear every co I've tried lately is breaking me out. OneC started it off, then I went back to Bb. SuperRich (my old staple) and was okay for a while, but then started breaking out. I got tired of spending lots of $$ so I tried a co I had a sample of (and liked) from my last cruise. L'Oreal ProVive. That was the worst of all. The others gave me breakouts along the hairline and a few on my scalp, but the PV gave me an entire scalp covered with little whiteheads. It hurt to even touch it.

Now, I'm back to Bb. SuperRich (since it was the least offending to my skin) until I can find another co. Any ideas?
VERY fine 2B/3A hair
Chin-length - growing it out...again.
Hi ECCurly,
Sorry to hear about your problem! To be honest, I am wondering if perhaps you should see a dermatologist. It sounds like a really severe problem. Otherwise, can you give your scalp a rest and try just conditioning the ends? Hope you find a solution soon.

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