growing out hair, but having some issues.

the last time i cut my hair was in april, and i got it layered. after that i vowed not to cut my hair until at least august because i wanted to let it grow. well now my hair is growing (which is wonderful) but it looks really horrible. all the layers are pretty much the same, but the top (and shortest) layer, since it's longer, it's flat and limp and has no volume what so ever. i don't want to go ahead and cut my hair now because i know i will regret it later, so i have to weigh it out until august. any suggestions on what i should do to get some volume?
Even if you are growing your hair long, you still need to get it cut about every three months to keep a nice shape, especially if your hair is shorter than your shoulders and you have layers. You might need your layers cleaned up or your dead ends taken off.

I'm in the same boat. I got my hair cut in April--longest layer to above my chin. The longest part has gotten to the bottom of my neck, but my hair has terrible shape and is hard to style. I'm going in for a cut today to clean it up.
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I think everyone is different when it comes to how often you need to cut your hair. The staple is if your hair tangles easily and is unmanageable its time for a trim. Hair goes through stages of ups and downs all the time right?! With different products, routines, climates, etc..

For more volume at the roots try less CO on top, apply product, scrunch and diffuse upside down. Thats what works for me.

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Last month my hair started having melt downs, I couldn't get a good hair day to save my life, DTs weren't working, I switched my styling products, nada, nothing. I needed a haircut, got one on June it's happy again and what a difference. My previous cut before that was December. A little tiny trim goes a long way.

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