Ouidad or Deva cut?

I got a gift certificate to a local salon where they specialize in curly hair. So I had my cut last week and, while it was probably one of the best haircuts in my life, the stylist told me he no longer did Deva & was rather offended when I told him I didn't want Ouidad (I'd had my hair cut at her Manhattan salon about 5 years ago & it was a pretty bad experience). He said he no longer did Deva b/c it didn't work. I asked him why and, well, he didn't really have a specific answer.

So now I've had both & I thought the Deva cut was better. But my Ouidad cut might've just been a bad stylist, not a bad method--I still kind of have triangle head & the stylist last week swore he could make it go away if I let him do a Ouidad cut on me.

Has anyone else had both? If yes, what are your thoughts?

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I had Ouidad herself cut my hair years ago and I didn't like it and thought she was nasty. I haven't had the Deva cut but I'm curious about it. I had my hair cut by Alice at Christo's in New York and I love the cut. If you are in NYC you might try her. I hear Ana at Devachan is great also.
I've been lurking for a long time picking up information (thanks to all) but this is my first real post. Today I got my first Deva cut. The short story is that last year I went from below shoulder to chin length. Loved my stylist but she went on maternity leave and never came back. I've had several bad cuts since, not a new story around here. I've decided to grow my hair out as I am tired of DH telling me I have no hair. I knew I needed to have some of the damage from my bad cuts repaired so I decided to go for the Deva cut. The stylist cut my hair dry, never came near me with a comb, and cut each curl individually. It took her an hour and a half to cut. She did use all the Deva products after the cut but when I told her I have a rule that I don't buy products without having had a sample first she told me to use up what I have now and she'll try to get me some samples. Anyway, my hair does look a lot better. The shape is much improved, more balanced and without any "funny sticky out parts". The one thing I noticed is that the curl is much tighter than usual, not sure if it's the cut or the product. I'll have to evaluate that as time goes on. I took a short nap before I took the pics and I have to say the style held up. Hope this is a sigh of things to come. I think my hair is mostly 3b with some 3a but I'm not really sure. Here is the link for the pics (WARNING!! I am the most un-photogenic person on the face of the planet but at least you can see my curls).
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I've had both. Honestly I thought the results from the Ouidad cut were better. I had GORGEOUS spirals. However, I don't think the Ouidad cut is great for curly hair in terms of hair health. I'll stick with my Deva cut from now on.

Someone started a thread within the last week called "Is this the 'carve and slice'" that has some good input from StruttsWife (a Deva-trained stylist and a curly lady herself) on the Ouidad cut. I'd search for it, but I'm headed out.
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I'm a huge fan of the deva cut. Have had two now and will never go elsewhere.

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