View Poll Results: Did someone ever give you a nickname because of your curls? if so, was it good or bad?
I loved it!!<3 10 55.56%
I absolutely hated it!!! 8 44.44%
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My three year old sister and I are the only ppl in my family who still wear our hair curly. She told me one time that I looked like a princess because I had curly hair. It was too cute! I kid you not in the stores now she'll say "Look she has curly hair like me!"
Love it! My mom used to call me Curlilocks and substitute Curlilocks for Goldilocks in the 3 bears story. Hence, my curltalk name!

I've been called bad/mean ones, but I never really let it bother me. Now that I think of it, many years ago a guy at work used to call me Brillo Pad. It didn't bother me because it was more of an I-like-you teasing nickname. Funny thing is, he permed his hair and HE's the one that looked like a brillo pad!

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I like mine Curly Roo

(my name is Roo and it sounds like Sue, as in Curly Sue)hehe
Toots x

there was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead & when she was good she was very very good but when she was bad she was HORRID!
In high school I had the permed "big" hair. My boyfriend at one point used to call me "fluffy". I kinda liked it!


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