Tips for cutting one's own hair

I am thinking about cutting my own hair. The regular salons in my area do it badly, and the curl-friendly ones in my area are way out of my price range. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have included a pic to show my hair type.
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A recent thread you might want to check out is here:

I'm not sure if Feye method might be hard at your length. It might be easier if you get someone to help you move the scrunchies down. And for curly hair I can't imagine doing it anything other than soaking wet.

You can also check out the other suggestion I put in that thread. I haven't trimmed it too much using that method, but what I did do I had luck with.

I cut my own layers. I comb it out & cut it dry. I just take about a 2 inch section & cut it vertically, all the way around my head. Checking to be sure the lengths are even. It took me a couple of times to get it just right but you can always cut more.

1- always use a special pair of scissors for cutting hair, they really are different ( didn't believe that untill i tried one either)
2- cut curly hair dry. i think lorraine decribes it in the curly girl book, and i'm sure quidad describes it in curl talk.
3- don't cut your hair shorter than chin lenght when wet.

i cut my hair all the time, i figured when a hairdresser can ruin it and i have to pay for it, i can try it myself, even if i ruin it it will save me some money (but it always looks great when i cut it myself so i'm no going back to the bad, expensive hairdresser)
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