Help With Applying Product ?

Is there a certain way to apply product to your hair? Like a method / technique you use so your curls turn out nice? For some reason, my hair always ends up uglyy and I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I think this may be the reason. Please be detailed if you answer (:
I generally apply all my products with my hair soaking wet and flipped forward (so, I'm bending over). I rake them through and then lately I've been using a Denman (actually, mine isn't a Denman, but it's basically the same thing) to brush them through. I've been loving my curls!
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I apply a blob of my Glissade to almost soaking wet hair (I blot briefly straight out of the shower), upside down in a raking motion and then a scrunching motion.

Then I do a "burrito wrap" with a microfiber towel. Upside down, I put the wide end of the towel at my front hairline. Wrap one side around towards the back, then the other side around as if I'm wrapping a burrito and my hair is the delicious filling. I tuck the free corner under near my ear so it doesn't fall off and then I stand up and grab the top of the burrito so all the curls plop down on top of my head and then I just wrap the top end down so the curls will blot without getting crushed. It works well for my short hair.

When I'm ready to style, I unwrap and scrunch blot and then scrunch some more Glissade through my hair. No more raking because I don't want to break up my clumps and make my hair stringy. I warm diffuse and once it's completely dry, I'll dab in a bit more Glissade and some hair spray, I can't seem to give up my beloved hair spray.

It seems like a big production, but it doesn't take much longer then when I do a straight blow out.

Everyone's hair responds to different treatments. I can't plop or pineapple so I do what works for me.

Hope this helps.

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I have found that alot of it comes from trial an error. I seem to have better luck by applying products to soaking wet hair. After I shower, I squeeze access water out then go for it! Since I have thick hair, I apply product in sections. Here are a few videos with various ways of applying products. hth

I hope the link works. I'll check back to see if I need to edit. There are several videos to see.
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