which would you rather have: a sulfate-free or a gentle poo?

Denizha, you may be able to get away with using a cowash instead of a low-poo, just in case you want to try. I know how it is to have an oily scalp, I myself also deal with that, that is partly why your curls are so nice. However if you are using high profile conditioners like deva or moptop, these won't cleanse as well as a more simplistic moistureizing conditioner. Because they have so many conditioning agents they do not get to cleanse as well, and mostly condition the heck out of hair that needs a cleansing. I have experienced this myself, So I use suave naturals, just a few ingredients in there, not nearly as good as a deva or moptop rinse out, but ideal in a cowash. I haven't washed my hair for 70 days now, only cowash.
2c, CG, soft, managed, curly-From NEPA

apollojuice, I understood perfectly!
I never tried co-wash in routine daily, I do rarely when the hair wakes up in a bad day, only with the objective to renew the curls.

I wash the hair to each 2-3 days when the No-Poo and the scalp are using 1 time weekly or to each 15 days, depending on the climate here. I feel that it No - poo cleans very well the threads and helps to control the oiliness of the scalp, unless my color is attacked. However, the Low-poo is not in use I will have again problems with dandruffs and seborrhea, and that is not legal. I do not use the Low-poo in the threads, only in the scalp.

Today I bought a Suave Coconut conditioner, since I saw that the majority uses it very much like co-wahed. I will do the same experience that you suggested me, yes!

Thank you!

Brazilian Curly Girl

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