What was your funniest curly nickname?

besides the typical (fro-girl, curly-q, noodle head, etc)

"brillo" (as in the Brillo scrub pad) from the hubbie on my exceptionally bad hair days.

And my personal favorite "Kenny G" or "Michael Bolton" from my little brother when my hair was long and pre-CG!
Originally Posted by Courtney11405
That's too funny! My boyfriend also calls me Kenny G, as a term of endearment lol.
Somewhere between a 2b/c and a 3a

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Henna glosses!
Chewwbaka ( how ever you spell that from starwars),

bush look


That is all I can remember
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I didn't have curly hair as a child. So I have no curly nicknames. My Dad just called me "Squeakie" or "Squeaks" I guess I made squeaky type sounds as a baby.

My hubby says positive things, compliments, but I can't think of any real nicknames.

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Gee I would love to have a cute nicname. Lucky you
Witch, Cousin It, Scary Spice, and Medusa...none of them were meant to be positive! I actually like the Medusa one, though,..and I actually am a witch (pagan), though I wasn't when I was called that And, I think Scary Spice's hair was gorgeous! I think she's a straightie now though...
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I used to get called Medusa, Scary Spice and Coolio. I find it funny now but at the time I hated it.

haha one time in gym my friends were all obsessing over my hair, and they were like, we should NAME your curls! the only name i remember now is 'shirly curly' and now whenever they see a curl that reminds them of it, they are like, " it's shirly curly!!"
Will Ferrell
"Why do I always have the feeling everybody's doing something better than me on Saturday afternoons?"
- Jerry Seinfeld
i get noodlehead from my friend
that ones ok

but i ABSOLUTELY HATE the one i get all the time...
as in the orphan who sings
we did that play at school and i didnt hear the end of it ALL YEAR
i still cant wear the cast tshirt
Sometimes when I have bedhead, my mother refers to my hair as a 'tumbleweed'.

I just remind her that my hair is HER doing, thanks to a mixed race background!
Thick, dyed dark brown, 2c/3a in long layers to mid back

Suave Sleek

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We're looking for the funniest nicknames you got for having curly or kinky hair? we're going to post some of them on the site.

Originally Posted by Michelle B
Screech (from saved by the bell. my hair was identical, so it was aptly described, though I didn't find it funny at the time)

cheese puff. no I don't have red or orange hair so I am not sure why I was called that

corkscrew. pretty standard

my mom commented once that I resemble howard stern LOL not exactly a compliment (I'm a girl, just to be clear)

those are the only ones I remember, but I know there were lots more
Chewwbaka ( how ever you spell that from starwars),

bush look


That is all I can remember
Originally Posted by mirbas

me too!!!!!!

chewbacka I mean. however its spelled. I never understood why though...

in my case my nickname had three parts to it but the only part I remember was chewbacka. I think "curly puff" or "cheesepuff" was in there though.......

ahh, I forgot all about the star wars reference lol
My older brother calls me "little ponpon" (with a very funny and cute voice), usually when I pinewapple. Hihi
sooo many.....my fav was FRO.....but there was also....oodles(sp?) and noodles....***** (gross).....Slash from Guns n Roses....
I still don't get it but I was tormented cause of my FRO!
My friends called me "Pom-Pom" in high school due to the nice poof I had when I had a pony tail.
i was called CLOWN =( in high school by my friends. They all envied my hair yet made fun of it at the same time, great friends eh lol
Well being my name is Jennifer my husband calls me 'Fer Head but I know it's really more like FUR HEAD.

I also got Buchwheat and Don King a lot as a kid. Hence the avitar

3b/c mix; mixture of fine, med. and coarse texture with med-high porosity

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Dutchess Daydreamer of the Desert Sands in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

i was called dandelion puff. it wasnt funny at all! but apparently everyone else did. it was because my hair would get frizzy and was really poofy and short so i apparently looked like a dandelion.
i was also called lion because my hair was poofy.
Pedro....then the Napoleon Dynamite movie came back and stuck with me while at college...some people even thought it was my real name...

i started calling my self rico suave but my hair was growing back after chemo because it would jus slick down and sometimes have lil waves...but my friend said i looked more like a pedro...

i hated the name but it stuck and 4 years later people style call me it...one time my friend's grandmother called me pancho and thought that was my real name too...
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I used to get called Medusa, Scary Spice and Coolio. I find it funny now but at the time I hated it.
Originally Posted by luvurcurlz
I got called Medusa too! I hated it.
I was also called "wormy head" It scarred me for life. LOL

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