What was your funniest curly nickname?

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We're looking for the funniest nicknames you got for having curly or kinky hair? we're going to post some of them on the site.

We're looking for the funniest nicknames you got for having curly or kinky hair? we're going to post some of them on the site.

Originally Posted by Michelle B
I was called "Fozzy" from the Muppets by my H.S. classmates when I cut my naturally curly/frizzy/fluffy hair short ,short because I was told that keeping it short would help calm the frizz!!. It was supposed to be a nicer version of fuzzy or frizzy!! Heck they should have just called me Fro because that is EXACTLY what I looked like for almost a YEAR after that cut!! By then though the name stuck
Pocahontas--not sure why but when I was little, I wore my hair in 2 braids & that's what I was called. That and bug catcher because of the "halo" of frizz that would sometimes catch unsuspecting buggies.
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Scary Spice.

I didn't think it was funny at the time though...
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Q-tip. I had very undefined poofy hair that my mom always kept short because I dont think she knew what to do with me although she always said how much she loved my curly hair. And I was very thin. Yep - funny now (sorta). But for goodness sakes - Q tips don't have curly ends

I was also called Rosanne Rosanna-Dana (was that the characters name on Saturday Night Live??) in high school when I grew my hair out a bit and once again - without a decent cut it became a triangle.
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My family calls me simba when my hair gets really frizzy! Yea, my family is sooo nice to me.
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Didn't think it was funny at the time but

Beast from my father, of course my sister was beautiful.

Moptop from my mom who loves me and thought that showed affection.
I have finally realized I look my best when my hair tells me how it is going to fall, and I just make suggestions.

Q-tip. I had very undefined poofy hair that my mom always kept short because I dont think she knew what to do with me although she always said how much she loved my curly hair. And I was very thin. Yep - funny now (sorta). But for goodness sakes - Q tips don't have curly ends
Originally Posted by xcptnl
Yep, I got Q-tip too. And Brillo Pad. That from a guy I worked with, and he ended up getting a perm and DID look like a brillo pad. I think he was just jealous and really did love to tease me about my curls.

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When I was in grade school there was an older girl in the advanced ballet class that always used to taunt me with "natural curl girl." This phrase was said all sing-song-y and in a super snotty voice. (Scary that many many years later I can still hear her very clearly in my head)

I never quite got why this was something to mock me about - my mom told me it was because she was jealous and would need a perm to get hair like mine. Even still, she made me feel terrible and I avoided her like the plague.

People still ask me all the time if my hair is "naturally like that".

Goes without saying that I am so happy to have found you all!
When my hair was short, I got called Molly Ringwald. Curly Sue was popular... as was Pippi Longstockings (two braids, red hair, you get the drift...).

I can't list most of the ones from high school (very funny, but not rated G), but the more I think about it, they were mostly related to my hair color...

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And Brillo Pad. That from a guy I worked with, and he ended up getting a perm and DID look like a brillo pad.
Originally Posted by CurliLocks
I got Brillo Pad too, but I have to admit that it was pretty accurate around about 9th grade. I didn't know what to do with it, so I had it cut really short and then brushed it with a bristle brush...bad, bad, bad.
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LOL, in college (back in the early 90's) I was dubbed "Poof Pup". All the girls on each floor of our dorm had different names, ours all ended in "pup". It was not by MY choice mind you! Everyone called me that and it got really annoying!
I got the name after a really bad haircut that I was trying to grow out; I got it cut really short, but it went out in layers away from my head and then was sort of stacked in the back. As it grew out it poofed b/c it was so thick---stupid ppl who don't know how to cut curly hair should be shot! (kidding of course)
So that's my story!
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I was "Frizzle Face" for many years in elementary school - why the "face" I'll never know. It was painful at the time but I love thinking now about how successful "Miss Frizzle" from "Magic School Bus" has become, and also that I, too, became a teacher!

These days, I straighten my hair once a year. On Halloween! And I tell my students that my costume is that I came to school dressed as 'a person with straight hair'. Too fun!
They called me "frizz ball" on one of my best hair days ever!!! At least I thought it was my best days....in retrospect, I look at those pics and feel ashamed. I'm so glad I went CG. It was solely because of that nickname that I decided to try a new approach.
I got the standard Brillo Pad, but mostly I got people who would come up to me and touch/pull on the curly spirals at the nape of my neck, to watch them bounce back...totally mystified them.

But I always just wondered why they didn't think twice about touching my curly hair, but it would be weird if I touched their straight hair.
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When my mom finally let me have my own way with my hair (about 7th grade) I chose to wear it down and curly instead of up and in a pony tail and a braid.

We were studying mythology at that time so the kids would call me Medusa. I didn't appreciate that at all because I thought they were essentially saying that I turn people into stone with my gaze. Yet, the same time I was also called the 'Goddess of Curls' by one of my teachers. I did appreciate that. Luckily I never let what those kids say affect the way I feel about my curls. I love them!
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Oh boy - let's see...

Things you buy at the store
Brillo Head
Cotton Bald (I have thin hair that shows scalp if worn certain ways)

"Celebrity" Comparisons
Bozo the Clown
Krusty the Clown (my FIRST short cut ever - very encouraging)

Movies & Mythology
Medusa (I never minded this one. I had some snappy comebacks for it)
Curly Sue (not bad at all, really)

Just Plain Silly
Pube Head (a bit inappropriate - and that came from 13 years olds!)

National Geographic
Cave Woman
Wild Thing (what my SO calls me now as a term of endearment )
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Aww! Some of these are really cute! And yes, Roseanne Rosannadana was an SNL character--one of Gilda's originals. Try Youtube, you'll love her!

I got Poodle all through HS. Not funny. Not funny at all. These days since I went CG & get such nice spiral tubes I get called Shirley Temple all the time. I like that one.
Mushroom Queen---I had a short bob, and my hair is pretty thick, so at times I had a mushroom head!
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