View Poll Results: What product combination did my hair look the best with?
Jessicurl stylers 1 9.09%
Boots and BRHG 0 0%
Ava's Aussie Combo 1 9.09%
Curls Products 1 9.09%
POTAR Gel 8 72.73%
A combination of these choices... 0 0%
A product you haven't tried yet(After all I am a PJ), please specify.. 0 0%
Other, please specify.. 0 0%
Voters: 11. You may not vote on this poll

Please help me decide!

I know this is a silly poll but I've been a complete PJ ever since finding this site. I've tried so many products and now I'm really longing for a routine. So I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to look at my Fotki album and give me your opinoins. I want to clear out some of my products(we don't have room for them all) and I can't decide what to get rid of and what to buy more of. Thanks for your help!
I loved the Potar gel in your hair. You had great definition and incredible shine. Very pretty hair.
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I liked the Curls products best I think. What do you use in picture #6 in the first Album (Winter 2006)?


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I voted for POTAR gel too. I also love how your hair looks after you rinsed out the RT.
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I liked the Curls products best I think. What do you use in picture #6 in the first Album (Winter 2006)?
Originally Posted by Kurlee
It was the Curls NE lotion.
Thank you so much for your opinoins(and compliments) so far. Since POTAR was winning the last time I checked I decided to use it again for Valentine's Day(it's been a while since I've used it and I forgot what my hair looked like). The gel left my hair shiny, had good hold, and my hair was very curly. I just seem to have a lot of "skinny" curls when I use it. I prefer clumpy curls but I guess I'm just being greedy. POTAR gel is also the one product I just ran out of.

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