Pre-CG vs CG (squee!!) *pic heavy*


About 1 week after going CG
I'm keeping it simple and curly... Jonna
A Girl And Her Curl
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gorgeous curls! so glad CG is working so well for you
3a since going CG!
CG on 10/12/08. free of cones, sulfates, and shampoo! added shampoo bars 1/80/09.
shampoo bars (wind blossom)
condish - burts bees super shiny
styling - confused and running out of products. TRYING LOOB!
trying: tweek...barely.
WAITING to try: Melting Gel...resisting the urge to become a PJ...kind of...
Dislikes: molasses and CK so unfortunately...
Looks great can really see an amazing difference after only one week!
It looks fantastic!
~ Gracie ~
Stay at home mama to CCB and a new one on the way in July!
CG since Oct 13, 2008
currently re evaluating my product stash...
Amazing what a difference a little TLC makes, eh?

Hair is best when wabi-sabi.
2b/2c at this length, more 3a when shorter
M/C ii

Mod CG: Sept 08
Using: Suave co-wash, GVP Conditioning Balm, Lustrasilk OOC, MGA, BRHG
Humectants: @ dew point 40+
My blog for dry climate curlies and growing out a pixie: Colorado Curly
WTG!! Gorgeous curls!
Photobucket acct:

Shampoo bars w/Organic ACV rinses
KBB milk wash out, Super Silky leave-in
Donna Marie CCB, KCCC, FSG, and Cocoa Hemp Buttercream to scrunch the crunch.

2C/3A, slightly past BSL.
Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Can't believe the difference in just one week.
Current Products: CJ Products: CF, DF, CT, SG, AFG, CIAB AND CK is back!
Current Experiment: S&C by D

Curl Fix and Daily Fix are my HGs

Sulphate and cone free since July 2007

wavy/curly fine texture/medium porosity/medium-low density

PW: wavycurly

Seek not to change the world. Rather seek to change your mind about the world.
Beautiful! It looks great.


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That's amazing.
One week and you're already getting nice results.
Stick to it and you'll have some ladies on here wanting to steal your hair.
That is QUITE the transformation, WOW!!
Good for YOU!
Discovered CG 2007

2C Fia BSL/Thick/Med-Coarse/Low(crown)-Normal Porosity Protein and Oil Sensitive

Link-Spritz & Condish Washing

I'm aCurlJunkieJunky

My hair LOVES Coconut DESPISES Soap Bars

CJRehab or H&B Fix, Deva NO POO, EO Rose & Cham POO & Condish, CJ CurlFix, CJ Pattern Pusha, CJ CIAB, SS FHG, KCCC, BRHG, AG Mousse Gel, ACV Rinses,Shikakai Conditioning Hair Rinse.
That is a great change for only a week! Your hair looks so much softer and there is a nice increase in curl definition.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
I have to admit, I'm kind of an "instant gratification" kind of gal, so after 4 days of having really crappy hair I was getting a little discouraged.

But, I need to share 2 tips with any other newbies such as myself, out there!

1. Don't give up! Keep chugging, it's going to take some time. I noticed little improvements (and I mean little!) everyday!

2. ROUTINE is just as important (if not more) than product!!! I have been using the same products for the entire week and just switched up my routine and TA-DA!

OMG I'm so excited! I thought yesterday was a fluke but today, pretty rockin' curls again! I think I could have had 2nd day hair even today but the back just looked a little too funky for me.

Man, thank you all for posting all of your adventures, stories and suggestions because if it weren't for all of that I'd never know what to try!
I'm keeping it simple and curly... Jonna
A Girl And Her Curl
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