why choose curly?

I agree with MimsTX, I like to be different. I never followed the crowd in high school, and I still like to go against the flow, do what's different. I absolutely think God gave me curly hair b/c He knew when He created me that it was part of personality and that I like being different. Too bad it took me so long to embrace it!
I'm actually going completely curly now that I've found a good routine and my hair is behaving, having good spiraly curls. I usually curl the front with an iron to smooth it out and style it to make it look a little more "tame" in the front, but today I went totally nuts and let it do whatever it wanted.

So there you have it, that's my explanation!
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I love my hair curly. When I straighten it, as many others here, I don't feel like I look like me. My curls make me stand out, and they make me feel beautiful. To me there is something so romantic and free about curls, and I've always loved them. My curls are always me, no matter whether they are perfect or full of frizz (besides it's easy enough to toss it up in a messy bun type thing with a few tendrils, and that always gets compliments no matter how bad my hair looked before hand!).

I want to run away and join the Cirque.

Well, I have a lifetime of experience in the frustration of denying my curl. Given how much time, effort, and discomfort I've gone through trying to make my hair fit into whatever the current style (always some version of straight) was, I can't say that it's laziness. I love that it's much, much easier to care for my hair now that I know about Curly Girling, but I think it's more about having healthy hair, and knowing now how to get out of its way, so I can let it get on with doing what it does best. It never did anything else well, and it's wonderful to learn that it can be great.

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Well, I never straigtened my hair so wouldn't now how that looks.. (I always refused offers to straigten it)
Because curly hair is just a part of me, though I sometimes wish for straight hair. I wouldn't change in.

Why curly?

For me, my hair is MUCH lower-maintenance curly than it ever was when I straightened it. I had (bad) haircuts every six weeks to "cut against the curl" when I wore my hair short and straight. I blow-dried my hair to a crisp at the ends with a metal round brush and a hot hair dryer to straighten it. Then I gunked up my hair with lots of products designed to keep it straight. (So much for "wash-and-go"!)

Now, most days, I scrunch with FOTE and go! A couple times a week, I co-wash and condition. And as a special treat for my hair, I might feed it a hair mask or some honey. But overall I spend a lot less time "doing" my hair.

I also like it that my hair is "wild," that it won't ever be fully tamed or controlled. It gives me something to aspire to

There's another reason I wear my hair curly now: I realized I needed an attitude adjustment regarding my hair when my father (a 3a like me) lost his hair to chemotherapy. Missing the hair on his head, while hating mine, didn't make any sense anymore. Dad's cancer was the catalyst for my CG journey.

When Dad died, I didn't inherit any money from his estate--it all went to doctors in the end--but I did inherit his hair, and now I can look at it in the mirror every day with love.

Like the cherished legacy it was intended to be.
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I chose curly in part because of my mom. She raves about my curls - always has. Whenever I straighten my hair she wants to cry. But I also chose curly because I can't straighten my hair by myself. It is too coarse and thick. I could never seem to get it right. Finally, I chose curly because I think my hair looks much more healthy when it is curly. When it's straight, it looks a lot duller for some reason. Like others, I feel that curly hair chose me and I could either go with what God gave me or spend the rest of my life fighting a losing battle.

It makes me sad that some people get picked on because of their curls. I've gotten some comments here and there, but nothing that would ever make me want to hide behind a straightening iron for the rest of my life. We have a right to be who and what we are.
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Nothing else about me fits the societal beauty ideal, so why should my hair? Besides, I like my hair.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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I love my curly hair, and so does my DH, and everyone in my family too.

Curly hair is sexy and interesting.
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I didn't choose curly- it's just the way it grows out of my head, lol. Honestly, I don't pay much attention to what's "in." Being a biracial woman who's only 4'10", I could never look like a typical model even if I wanted to. I'm into keeping most things more or less natural.
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Because I finally realized that setting the trend is way more fun than following it.

And straight hair NEVER sticks out in the crowd like curly heads do.

For the record, I was at a football game last Saturday, and every single girl in the stands I could see had straight hair, mostly by flat iron (you can definitely tell!). It's just...boring. A whole row of flat, blunt edged hair. I like never knowing how my hair will dry!
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This has been a great thread to read.

I have to admit, unlike a lot of people in the thread, I haven't liked my curls (until just a few days ago!). I only tried going curly because I was exhausted from always straightening and worrying about the weather and if I got in a shower or a bath or a pool or anything, what my hair would look like.

After just a week of curls, I love them and have no plans on going straight again!
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I wear my hair curly cause it's easier than trying to get it straight. And easy and laid-back fits with my personality. And it fits with my lifestyle (outdoorsy).

I don't spend nearly as long getting it 'right' as some people on here - my 'routine' is: CO wash, wrap in towel, unwrap, scrunch in product, leave house - but my hair still looks a million times better messy-curly than it does messy-straight.
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i fought my hair and my hair won! now i love my curls. i am one of the few people pushing 60 that has almost waist length curly hair. it is totally age inappropriate. i used to iron it in the 60's or put big rollers in it. i am DONE with all the BS of trying to change my looks. no blow drying, no botox, no surgery. ok, i have veneers on my teeth and color my hair, pierced ears. that's far enough out for me!
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Interesting answers...especially the 'I don't choose it' ones...sure, God gave curls, but we choose to wear them, right? I mean, by choosing to NOT iron/blowdry/heat style out the curls, then we are, in effect, choosing curls.
Originally Posted by true_curl
Nope. I have green eyes. I am not "choosing" them because I don't run out and get blue or purple contacts. Same with olive skin, black hair, and a 34B bra size.

I think that our Burger King "have it your way" society gives us this illusion, but really, what you are born with is not a choice. Trying to get away from what you were given is a choice, and in my opinion a struggle.
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