Help - my hair did NOT like MOP intensive protein treatment!

I tried to use this three times on recommendation of my very good haircutter, who told me to use a moisturizing conditioner afterwards, but no dice - my hair ended up drier than I started. I got around to using it maybe once a month or every 6 weeks, as it's been a long time since I saw him for a cut. Today, I put it in the trash, as I just can't bother with extra treatments if they're not going to work and make my hair WORSE rather than better. It was not a cheap product either, which goes to show you that you don't always get what you pay for. My hair seems to like coconut oil a lot better than this expensive junk! Sorry, just had to vent!
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Does protein bother you in general, or just with this product? It may help to notice what kind of protein was in it and just stay away from that type of protein.
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Mine didn't like it either. I used it once and everything was fine, used it again about a month later and it was dreadful, my hair was like straw, really dry and disgusting. Mine went in the bin too and I've avoided protein ever since. I can get away with small amounts in products but I certainly know when I've overdone it.
Definitely sucks that it was so pricy too, I hate wasting money like that but I knew it was a lost cause!
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