Moisturizing detangler for brittle hair? (long)

My hair breaks easily, and I've been having lots of trouble with it lately because I can barely get a comb through my hair with KCKT (after my hair has dried). When I do, the tangles and knots cause split ends and weakened sections of hair. I can't style my hair wet because the waves get weighed down. I like the soft, wavy look that you can just run your fingers through, and KCKT just isn't cutting it in that respect. It seems frizzier and more tangly than when I use my Dove co. as a leave-in. I see this as an opportunity to just stick with gel for a while, but when I get bored, I'll be out of luck for now.

Is there a moisturizing leave-in conditioner/spray out there that detangles well and gives a good shine? It can have mild 'cones but no cyclopentasiloxane, protein/amino acids, parabens or isothiazolinones.

I'm also going to have to back out of the no-trim challenge because I have so many split ends, dusting is out of the question. Maybe a 2-inch trim will help with the tangles...


ETA: Don't get me wrong, I like KCKT cause it makes my hair shinier and wavier under gel, but I expected it to be practically a miracle product for detangling after hearing raves and paying a lot for it. @_@
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I didn't care for KCKT, it wasn't moisturizing enough for my hair. The Karen's Body Beautiful products give you all the moisture you need. I use the hair milk as my rinse out, the hair nectar as my leave in and the cream/butter to scrunch.
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Thank you! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's not in love with it. I really wanted to be, though.

The KBB hair milk looks really good *adds to wish list*. The nectar doesn't interest me much because of the humectants. I can't believe the huge selection of scents. What scent(s) do you use?
2a/M-C/ii hair. Super long.

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