So i used honey the other day and loved it! just mixed it with my conditioner and left it on for a few minutes, followed by a vinegar rinse. this lightened my hair slightly, and i think if i kept it up and it would definately lighten.

i sort of like the idea of darker hair for the winter( molasses ), medium for fall and spring, and then lighter from most of spring and summer.

basically, i would use MOLASSES for the colder months, and HONEY for the does this sound to you?

3a since going CG!
CG on 10/12/08. free of cones, sulfates, and shampoo! added shampoo bars 1/80/09.
shampoo bars (wind blossom)
condish - burts bees super shiny
styling - confused and running out of products. TRYING LOOB!
trying: tweek...barely.
WAITING to try: Melting Gel...resisting the urge to become a PJ...kind of...
Dislikes: molasses and CK so unfortunately...

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