Do you think the elements of the world CONSPIRE?

I mean, REALLY. Wind. Bright sun. I ran out of condish. my gel slipped and got my foot. my hair's like a walking talking crunch machine (except for the walking and talking and machine part). What can you do once the elements of the world are conspiring to give you a bad hair day?
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Pony tails and sparkly clips.

Lol. I know exactly what you mean. Doesn't it seem to happen right when you really need a good hair day? Every time I have a big event, I just know that something in my routine is going to go horribly wrong.
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Yep- you are always guaranteed to have a fabulous hair day when you are stuck in the house all day by yourself, or just before you go to bed, and crappy hair on a special occasion. Figures.

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