View Poll Results: would you answer the door while plopping?
sure - i don't care who sees me plopping as long as i'm dressed 13 44.83%
no! omg, no!!!!! 9 31.03%
only if it's someone i don't know, like a delivery driver 2 6.90%
only if it's someone i know, like a friend or a neighbor 1 3.45%
eeeep, i have no idea... 4 13.79%
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would you answer the door while plopping?

i'm sitting here in the middle of the day, fully dressed, my hair plopping for maybe the next 30 minutes or so, and it occured to me that i'm expecting a package from fedex today. i'm debating whether or not i'll answer the door if he comes while i've got this contraption on my head

what would you do?
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will they leave the package for you if you dont answer the door? if not answering meant i wouldn't get the package, i would answer. otherwise, not so sure. if it was DH or immediate family i would answer. for a friend, i would probably take off the plopping towel/tee-shirt really fast and go answer.
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I have opened the door when I plopped (or maybe it was doing a DT) . It was the neighbor and he looked very surpriced. I felt a little silly but oh well.

whelp, if i don't answer, the package will go to the apt. office, and i will have to go down and pick it up there... not a huge deal... but kind of annoying.

i'm still undecided, but it may not even end up being an issue, as i'm about ready to de-plop and diffuse! *whew*
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products i definitely love: deva one c, deva low-poo, deva SIF
looking for that HG styler... still.
pw = deva
When it's urgent maby but in general no way
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Sure. I'd rather people see me with my hair up in a towel than with no makeup.
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I answered the door once years ago while I was plopping. I used to plop in an old t-shirt back then. I tried to cover it up with a towel but the guy noticed and asked what I had underneath. I bashfully took it off and waited for the sound of laughter. Surprisingly, he was quite curious about it and started asking questions about it. The last time my FIL and his girlfried came over for a visit, I had overslept so I was still plopping in my turban when they arrived. I didn't think it would be a big deal until they walked in the room. I felt sooooo naked! I think I'd probably answer the door for a delivery person. I hate answering the door with un-scrunched hair though. :x
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Hmmm, well, I've rode in the car while plopping, but I'm not sure I could answer the door.
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Hmmm, well, I've rode in the car while plopping, but I'm not sure I could answer the door.
Originally Posted by lushaholic
I go marketing in the winter while plopping. I even see clients while plopping, but i have a pretty purple microfiber turban that I plop in. an old t shirt--maybe not....but I could put a hat over it!
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I'm bad, I've answered the door fresh out of the shower in just a robe. I don't usually plop though... but I voted yes, I'd answer the door. Especially if I was really looking forward to getting the package!
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Ok, after much serious deliberation, if the person at the door was delivering a box of LUSH, BPAL, or a CurlMart or Jessicurl order, then yes, I would answer it while plopping in my tshirt.
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I will go out with my clips
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I've answered the door while plopping -- usually the pizza guy!! But like Banjo, I plop with a microfiber towel - so it just looks like I just got out of the shower. I'm not sure I'd answer the door with a t-shirt wrapped around my head!!

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