Has this happened to anyone here?

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Gotta be careful with those Trojans, my brother works for Jostens(yearbook and superbowl ring co.) and he would always build me computers. The last one I had got several Trojans, but the virus software was able to delete them, or quarantine them. However, a "worm" is your worst enemy. That's what killed my last pc. It actually "eats" it's way through your hardrive and totally ruins your pc. There are many free virus removing services, by yahoo and others. If you do a search under the virus you have you can usually find such sites. Also check into PC-cillin it costs a bit up front, and then yearly to renew, but it's kept my pc virus free. Plus it saves you money in the long run not having to replace it. Best of luck with your pc.

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I thought most of those Trojans didn't affect Macs. What type of virus protection is good for Macs?
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This Trojan is one of the most advanced Trojans they've ever seen. It doesn't "show" itself and doesn't do anything to your computer to where you can tell something is wrong or it's infected; it just runs silently in the background, stealing your banking information, passwords, log-ins, address books, etc. Because of how advanced it is, it's been able to be "dispensed" for over 3 years by the same people - to both PC's and Macs.

You're right, usually viruses were aimed at Windows users and didn't affect Macs as much - but that was because not as many people used to use Macs as they do now. With the growing popularity of Apple more and more people are using Macs so viruses and Trojans are being written to infect them as well as PC's.

Here is a link that has different information on anti-virus software that is for Macs:


It includes some reviews of the more common Antivirus software, like MacAfee and Norton, that are made for Macs. I don't personally use a Mac so I can't really give a whole lot of advice as far as which one is better versus another.

For my antivirus software for my PC I use Antivir. It's free and I haven't ever had a problem and I've been using it for about 6 years or so. The only thing is that with this particular Trojan, even though some Antivirus programs are catching it and deleting it or quarantining it, it has the ability to reinstall itself because it has a rootkit written into (technical term for it can't be deleted without a special program that specifically looks for that rootkit). That's why it's recommended to use something that is specifically written to get rid of the Trojan.

If anyone is interested, http://www.free-av.com/ is where I get my antivirus. Just click on download and then click on the one on the left - Avira AntiVir Personal.
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Thanks everyone for your input and help, I appreciate it and I'm sure everyone has learned some valuable information to help us stay protected.

What really scares me is the last purchase I made was online through paypal. All the fraudulent transactions were through the internet, purchases all done online and some through paypal and I have a paypal account. The person pretended to be me because some of the things that were ordered came to my house (the coffee from Gevalia and the business cards which were blank from vistaprint.com).
It is just so weird, b/c if you are going to order something with someone elses card why would you have what you purchased not delivered to someplace where you would be able to obtain the goods that were ordered? I don't get that and that is what makes me think that my number and information was stolen online b/c I had to fill out shipping info. and paypal has my address which is where I made the last purchase.
I put a fraud alert with the credit agencies just in case b/c it is just so odd.
Any ideas from anyone why someone would use my debit card to order things online and have the items they ordered shipped to my address? I'm telling you I am a little freaked out!

Thanks everyone!!
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