First time with KCCC and KCKT

Wow, that's all I can say. I got those two for my birthday, so I decided I should try them out this weekend.
All I did was condition with Suave Coconut and put in about a quarter sized dollop of KCKT and I'm not sure how much KCCC I used, probably about 1 two fingered scoop for each section of hair and a little BRHG since Alabama weather is insane and it was seventy yesterday when two days before I had to defrost my car before school.. But I didn't use Re:Coil or anything else and my hair looks and feels awesome. Yeah, it was crazy-crunchy after I diffused, but I scrunched out with JC N&S, yeah, I got that too. =] It's shiny, soft, and defined. You can tell that my hair has grown too! And there's hardly any frizz. =D
i wish i was having as good as luck with this stuff. I'm jealous!
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Hooray for Annarie! I'm glad you like them! I've missed seeing your sunshiny face around here...

Aww, thanks Sunshine. =] I've missed this place, I have too much work to do, so I never have the time to get on and post and certainly no time to experiment with my hair most days, so my posting would be dull anyway. haha.
Glad they worked for you. I'm waiting for the same products to come in the post so fingers crossed I have the same luck with them.
3b in South Australia.
I added pictures to my fotki if anyone is interested.
The camera doesn't quite capture how it looks in person. But I love it.
The new pics look great - nice and soft.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kinky Curly, lol.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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The new pics look great - nice and soft.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kinky Curly, lol.
Originally Posted by redcelticcurls
Ditto this stuff rocks...

your hair looks great!
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Okay, so I just received my KCKT and KCCC here at work (packages walk away from my apartment) and I am SOOOOO tempted to run into the bathroom and wash my hair in the sink to give it a try . . . I will resist.
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Just used KCCC for the first time! Weird consistency - very slimy/slippery!! But WOW, do I love my ringlets. I went very light on the KCCC today - feel like I might benefit from more KCCC or some BRHG on top. I like having a little crunch to scrunch out, and I have none today.
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I love this stuff so much. It gives beautiful ringlets and keeps my hair from frizzing. This was totally worth the money and should last me a long time.
I would never imagine that that consistency would make my hair as crunchy as it does, but it's a good crunch.
I just tried this for the first time today too and I have the same reaction - wow!! I had been waiting for free shipping or some offer from CurlMart to order it. I ended up ordering it late Thursday night from Kristy's Beauty since they had free shipping with $50 purchase. I ordered KCCC, KCKT and Come Clean to get to the $50 threshold (my total was cheaper than CurlMart for those products even with the Halloween coupon). I was thrilled when I came home last night to find the package waiting for me. Usually I wait until the weekend to experiment just in case it doesn't go well and I need to start over, but I have been tempted by all of the reviews on here. I still need to experiment with amount and different combinations, but even just having used it the first day with a little BRHG over the top, I had great hair. Thanks to all you curlies for raving about it. Usually I can control my inner pj pretty well but when a product gets that many consistent reviews from all types of curlies, it must be good. This was totally worth it!
This is my favorite product hands down. I need to stop ordering new products to try - I just end up swapping, or giving them away and wasting my money (not to mention all the bad experimental hair days).
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