Unique ways to wear your hair up?

I don't have time to get nice curls everyday, so on my messy curl days, I like to do updos. However, I'm a little uninspired. Today I pulled it into a very messy braid and bobby pinned it up, for a loose Regency sort of look. I like that, but it's a bit boring to do it every day. Any suggestions on what else I should try? I like the messy romantic look.
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I also like the messy braid. But I usually take the end and tuck it under that "tunnel" (for lack of a better word) that forms underneath the braid. Then i stick some bobby pins in to make sure that the end won't come out.
It's got that same romantic look too.

I also do this when my hair's damp, for when I want it to look a little smoother.
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I'm a BIG fan of claw clips and a french twist. That's the easiest to achieve for me anyway. I love headbands too- although I know that's not an up-do it's make me forget about how horrible my curls turned out that day
Gibson Girl. They are usually twisted fairly tightly, but when you do it loosely, and have a few tendrils that fall out, it's very pretty.

And yeah, loose French twist too. Pretty much any updo that you work loosely will turn out with the soft/romantic look. And I love to do it with a tailored outfit.
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I'm really starting to get into hairsticks and forks. I think there are some great ones out there that can augment hair and updos! Check Etsy.com

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