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About this Dead Sea Magic Mineral Salt Soap bar you like - I was wondering, since you said in one thread it could replace your Flower Moon soap bars, if it also doesn't need an ACV rinse? Or have you found any other soap bars that, IYO, do not need any ACV rinse afterward?

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Well....if it's Vanilla.... ... I still don't use an acv rinse with the mineral soap or the Flower Moon soap. I really do love the FM soap and DW, and I know there have been issues with their site/slow deliveries/etc...hope they work that out for everyone's sake. I'm pretty fortunate that most bars I use I can get away with not using a rinse every time (I still love CV bars, and I alternate rinsing with those, but they definitely are a bit heavier-my hair likes it, though). I can also alternate rinsing with the Shikakai bar, too. Now, the wonderful Kathymack sent me some samples of the bars she gets and passes along to us fortunate curlies, and I will see how they do without a rinse. Have you tried her's yet? I'm pretty sure they probably rinse as light and clean as any bar can, since she decided on these after she basically weeded out some of the oils/butters she found difficult to remove. I'll definitely post after using them-really looking forward to finally trying them out
Thank you for replying so quickly! I'm adding sprinkles to that ice cream! Haven't tried Kathymack's soap bars, though they do look good, considering that CV bars tend to give me the waxy, coated feeling that stays in a big way when my hair's dry. I even took out an olive babassu sample this week to see if maybe rubbing it against my head instead of between my hands and then on my hair would do better than when I tried out all my samples...nope. Super waxy and behaved like it was quite dirty. (Good thing it didn't look it once I put it up! lol) Thanks also for planning to update! Heehee, what would we do without reviews?

That's good to know about the FM/salt soap bars! I'll keep in mind how different hair reacts differently to stuff, but I'll likely try to request the latter at Whole Foods at some point. It just looks so good...

I hope FM gets their site up soon and is able to streamline their operations - it'd so suck if an avalanche of curlies brought them down!!

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I placed an order on Wednesday. The site seems to be working now.
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