I am a newb to this product and first tried the KCCC with Deva One as a leave in and got horrible results. Then after reading several posts I decided to order the KCNT and use it instead of the Deva and got a lot better results. I used a little more than a quarter size of the KCNT and combed it through, then followed it with and about a quarter size on each side of the KCCC. Then I air dried for 15 minutes and defused on low. My curls are very pretty, very well defined, long, but very soft and a tad bit frizzy. I know you ladies know what Iím talking about when I can I say that I canít look at it now and see that itís a matter of time before I turn into buckwheat.
Should I have used more of one or both? Should I try maybe the LOOB or another frizz fighter or holding gel with it? If it helps, my hair is bra length, fine, and sort of thin. Oh, one more thing, I also ordered the KBB hair milk and should be receiving it any day; maybe this will help as well????
Any tips would be appreciated, I really want this product to work.
Houston, TX
shoulder length fine 3b/c curls
I'm fairly new to KCCC as well, but I'll do my best to help. I too use a leave in under the KCCC (although not the KCKT that most people do.) Some days I can go without an additional gel, but on particularly humid days especially I find that a little gel goes a long way in holding down the friz. I have 3a fine hair, and here is what I normally do, after shower, before drying at all, rake through leave in conditioner with my fingers, then via the mysteryflavored video method (if you haven't seen it, definitely worth checking out http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...ad.php?t=49541) anyway, I scrunch in the same way she does, and then after I've scrunched in my KCCC, I usually scrunch in a small amount of HETT on top. I then use a t-shirt to squeeze out most of the moisture, using the accordian method, and occasionally I will plop for about 5 minutes. This combo does give a good bit of crunch, but once it's fully dry, I can scrunch it out without losing any of those amazing curls.

I know we have different hair types, but I hope this has helped a little. Best of luck!!! - Katie

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