can't co-wash?

I think my problem is my co-wash. I am using VO5 vanilla mint. Everytime I co-wash I get frizzies and shapeless curls, that are supersoft and smell great, but look terrible.

Maybe I am just a water washer and daily conditioner type? Or maybe VO5 doesn't mix well with Ouidad's Balancing Rinse?

I think I am going to shampoo and start over...sigh.
It sounds like you might beoverconditioned - frizzy, shapeless and really soft are some of the prime symptoms. I can't condition very often or I over condition. I get all those symptoms plus it looks and feels greasy.

If you're conditioning every day, maybe you could try conditioning less freqently. Or a mild shampoo might help too.
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Don't start over! You'll just waste your time! I did the same thing! Try Suave? Maybe only co-wash a little less often (I'm not sure how often you are co-washing now).

I found if I only co-wash every 3 days, I'm good.. anymore than that - regardless of what I use, I'll get over-conditioned and *blah*
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I've learned to incorporate water washing some days. If I didn't style my hair the day before (so there's no curl cream in my hair, for instance), then I will rinse my hair out well and then put some conditioner (only for a minute) and rinse it out. I'm sure if I CO washed everyday, my hair would be too soft.
There are a few days a week that I can get away without styling...Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. So, the next days, being Thursdays, Saturdays, and Mondays, I just water wash. My hair seems to like that.
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