Suddenly flaky scalp... hmm.

So I've been mostly CG for about a year now. I think at this point last year, I was pooing about once every week or two, and I don't remember any real problems. Summer rolled around, and I found I could go poo-less for much longer. Cool.

Lately, my scalp gets a visible layer of flaky, dry skin after about 2-3 co-washes. I haven't changed my routine at all really -- I use the same products with the same frequency. I don't think I've let up at all with my scalp-scrubbing, either. I tried co-washing with something more moisturizing than Suave Coconut (TIGMM), and it made my roots feel dirty. I've settled on pooing with KC Come Clean once a week.

Anyone have an idea as to what's going on, and how I could go about fixing it?
Location: North NJ or NYC
sounds like you're a victim of the change in weather!!! Did you try a brown sugar/condish scrub??? I have to say since I've been using "Condish" Bars no flaking here! Before that BRUTAL
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I had this the past few weeks. ACV rinses weren't helping at all. Last week I did a baking soda rinse, followed by a DT with KBB milk, and then did an ACV rinse. Cleared it right up.
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