This is how it started. My SO was reading a copy of Bust magazine that I had, and they had an article about going natural and only using baking soda washes w/ACV rinses on hair. My SO had shoulder length fine 3B curls at the time, and he is interested in being as non impact/natural as possible, so he started taking care of his hair with only that for a few months.
I don't know how he found this website, but he actually is the one who told me about it. Since his hair is so fine and fragile, and very prone to breaking, he had already switched to drying his hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel, and he told me I should bundle my hair w/a t-shirt instead.

To make a long story even longer, I eventually started perusing this website, and became addicted, and my PJ mentally spiraled out of control, and this is where I remain today. My dear SO always compliments me when I have a nice curl day, doesn't bat an eye at plopping, but does occasionally tell me that the amount of bottles all over the bathroom are getting out of control and to please reign them in.

So my SO is the one who introduced me to this site. He had since gone back to a crew cut, but in effort to be as natural as possible, had me order some shampoo bars for him (cheaper and no bottle to recycle.)

I have to say that when he gives me a bear hug when my hair is drying I cringe but don't say a word.
Wavy, curly on the ends, 2C.
Coarse to medium textured, porous, dry, and lots of it.
Shampoo--HSH Pumpkin, Abba Pure Moisture
LVPNG, HSH Pumpkin, Walgreen's Knockoffs--Condish/Cowash
AOHR, Nexxus, EO--LI
CK & ReCoil--Activator
Suave Max Hold, Alagio Curl-Gel
For inquiring minds who want to know: