Curls Question

Hi everyone...

I had mentioned before that i used to have much curlier hair now i blame the BC pills i was on...maybe around 3 status? i don't know how you rank hair but this is what my old hair looked like:

i'm the one to the left holding the beer with the curl hair

and now my hair looks like this:

I feel i have lost some of my curl....again i blame the BC pills i was on when this pic was taken earlier this year.....what kind of ranking is my hair now? haha

Also can anyone help me find some awesome products to help keep my curls defined? or get more defined? thanks everyone!
If your natural hair has changed because of hormones, then you might be stuck with looser curl formation. Do you use silicones at all? That's always a good thing to rule out first and foremost.

Beauty Blog :
Hormonal changes to hair generally cannot be reversed, at least not from what I have read or seen. As we get older, many of us lose curl while others get curls.

I think your hair still looks really pretty.
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I find that the more natural products have helped me with both curl and volume, especially once I added the natural soap/shampoo bars instead of cowash.
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Hormonal changes are probably irreversible, although they may naturally shift around again with time. Your curl pattern now is still very pretty, though, and if you tried the CG method (I have no idea if you have or not, so forgive me if you already have), you can probably enhance what you have quite well.

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Thank you for your responses. I def need to look into the CG method. I think it will help my hair

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