Plopping with Four Sack

I got a pack of Flour Sack towels today at Target for the purpose of "plopping". Perhaps I have a really big head but they are barely big enough to twist and tie in the back. How do you do it - do you have to sew two together?
I fold mine in half in a triangle shape. I put my head into the towel with my forehead almost on the long folded edge, pull the top tip to the back of my head, then tie it in place with the two side tips at the back of my head.

That's really hard to describe in words - hope it made some sense.
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Thanks for posting this! I literally just got back from the store with some!
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Huh, I don't know. Mine are plenty big enough. Maybe BBabe will chip in, shes got ALOT of hair that she plops into these things.
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well. i just have a question about these towels...flour sacks?
isnt that itchy and scratchy?

if theres a link to some i would love to see them.
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I just Google Imaged "flour sack towels" and that among many pictures came up. Hope that helps.
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I just started plopping with the flour sack towels just a few days ago and it's great. The towels are light and soft. I use mine on the angle also. But I don't fold it, I lay it out like a diamond not a square and it's plenty wide enough to tie in the back or on top.
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I do use them, but I think the ones I get happen to be extra huge. Like 30x38 inches or something. So my technique probably won't be much help!
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When I first read about plopping with the flour sacks, I was a little confused. The only flour sack towels I had seen were small like hand towels. Well today I bought some in Target that are 30" x 30". I think there are 6 in a pack for $5.99. I tried it and they are plenty big enough for plopping--at least for me. My hair is about shoulder length. They were with the kitchen towels and it said something on the package about being lint free for glassware--or something like that.

Hope this helps.
Thanks everyone. I tried folding it in half and it worked great!

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