So I have been Modified CG since Feb. It had been good for my hair. I know it is better for my hair but ever since I stopped using a sulfate type shampoo my face is awful I was hoping it was a phase but it is still bad and I NEVER had skin problems before this!!!!
Is it possible that I am just not going to be able to do this CG stuff? I have tried so many different face things, harsh ones, none harsh ones and I continue to break out, especially on my forehead. I tried using just aloe vera for gel to see if that was the problem and it still didn't help...

Any thoughts!
Have you considered wearing your hair pinned back somehow for awhile and seeing if that clears up the problem?

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Unless you wash your face with your sulfate shampoo...why would that cause your face to break out? Try washing your face with the poo you used to use on your hair?
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It may be something in your other products.

And I know there is a certain skin condition that causes you to break out, but can be curbed with using a sulfate shampoo. Not sure if that's the case here though.
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Some people find that conditioners with coconut oil cause them to break out (I'm currently wondering if I"m one of them), and I assume other ingredients may have the same effect for different people. Maybe try rotating out one product at a time for a few days or so and see if your skin starts to improve.

I want to run away and join the Cirque.

I wish I knew what it was for sure.
I have tried keeping my hair back, I have tried only using one product at a time and nothing seems to help.

The reason that the shampoo would affect my face is because it will take the oils out of my hair, and if my hair is on my face the oils won't be there to get into my skin.

I don't know I guess I'll just try some more experimenting

If you've tried all sorts of face scrubs that are over the counter, maybe it might be time to talk to a dermatologist about it. A dermatologist would at least be able to give you something stronger to help you if not find a solution

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