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Frizzies! / got my deva curl conditioner and my jessiecurl

I just got my Deva curl conditioner and my Jessie curl aloeba conditioner and rockin' ringlets. I tried mixing the conditioners together but I don't think that worked very well. which would you say is better? also, I still have major frizzies. especially part my hair at the front that is lighter, almost blond not red, is frizzy but it's frizzy throughout. how do I smooth on the gel without causing frizzis?
Deva didn't work for me (fine, 3a/b virgin hair)--but Jessicurl's stuff did. As for less frizz, JC's styling products work best if put in sopping wet hair. She used to have a tutorial on her webpage (haven't checked it out in a while) and she showed how she puts on the products. It was very helpful!

Good luck!

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One C is my holy grail cond. I did not get the same silkiness from JC, but liked it fine. I leave about 1/2 the One C in and it reduces frizz for me that way.
3B, bra-strap length
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I can't remember what type my hair is.. but It's VERY thick. I think I might like the jessiecurl better.
would it be good to use the deva curl conditioner and then use the jessie-curl rockin' ringlets? Or maybe since my hair is so thick I should be using too shea? which would be better aloebea, too shea or one condition?
I use One C in the summer and put Rockin' Ringlets and Angell over it all the time with great results.

Aloeba is light and I use it for a leave in sometimes but I prefer One C or Too Shea. I need a little less moisture in the summer so I use One C then. I need a ton of moisture in the colder months so I use Too Shea then.

In order of moisturizing for me would go: Aloeba, One C, Too Shea.
Oh, and RR by itself doesn't have enough hold for me. I use it as a curl enhancer with another gel over it for hold. hth
2b/3a, primarily use Jessicurl and DevaCurl products, Curls Hair Tea conditioner and various gels. I'm modified CG-ish since 5/04.
I like the One C better than Jessicurl's Aloeba conditioner but Jessicurl's Too Shea conditioner is better than either in my opinion.

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so then maybe for now I should use the one c but when I'm done with it use the too shea, rockin ringlets and confident coils. sounds good to me.
I like the One C better than Jessicurl's Aloeba conditioner but Jessicurl's Too Shea conditioner is better than either in my opinion.
Originally Posted by reddhot
I agree.

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