How do I create more volume on top?

Hi All,

Firstly I'd like to say this site rocks! A massive thanks to you all for your individual inputs.. My curls are the best they have ever been since reading your posts...

My question is, 'How do I create more volume on top'?

My hair is quite long, I would say I'm a 3 a/b, I dye (blonde) my hair quite often. I always let my hair dry naturally, although I am thinking of buying a hairdryer with a diffuser.

I'd love to hear any suggestions...

Many thanks
Welcome welcome welcome!!! I love your avatar! What a beautiful smile (and great hair too!). I personally diffuse because I don't like to clip my hair (always seems to get tangled). After pixie-curling my hair (there's a description in the Acronyms post at the top of this forum), I turn upside down and diffuse my roots at the crown and on both sides. This seems to help a lot. I have to use a pretty strong gel though so I don't get too frizzy. Being well moisturized helps too.

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I diffuse dry my hair upside down until about 90% dry then flip my head up and use duck clips to get the volume I need and dry some more and then let it air dry the rest of the way. It's a complete PITA, but it works pretty darn good.
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I diffuse with head upside/down, on low/cool air, until COMPLETELY dry. If I stop diffusing, and my hair is still damp, it will flatten on top as the time passes That's because I have thin hair.
I also like to have volume on top...I diffuse with my hair upside down and I also scrunch my hair with my hand and diffuse a certain amount of hair at a time...this helps me get more volume!
PASS- yayi

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question.

I finally used my new hairdryer this morning. It took a wee while to dry, I only dried 85% of my hair.

I used the lowest speed and the lowest heat setting, once I was finished drying I looked at my hair and thought ohhh my! there's alot of frizz on the top! (I never touched my hair whilst using the dryer) for the last part I let my hair dry naturally, I then placed my hair into a high ponytail for a minute or so and then appeared the most beautiful curls I've ever seen on my head!

My next question is: the day is nearly over, I still have beautifully defined curls although I feel the products I'm currently using aren't strong enough.

Currently I'm using Nexuus Extra styling gel and Nexuus curling mouse. Can anyone suggest another kind of gel?

Thanks again everyone it's soooo nice to chat to people who can relate to curly hair.

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